2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide-Top 5 Choices from $20 and Up

Every year, we create the quintessential tech gift guide for our viewers enjoyment. Below are my top 5 choices for the year of 2017.  I chose these options because I felt they possessed the most practical uses for everyday application in life and business. This list is perfect for tech heads and entrepreneurs alike.

Climate Case

It can be a challenge dealing with both the freezing weather and your favorite apps freezing up on the phone. This phone case optimizes your device’s temperature to better manage intense climates. Made from heavy-duty neoprene material, this case weighs less than a pound and restores an overheated or frozen smartphone in under a minute. Coming in 8 different styles to choose from with a price tag of $24.99, it’s a perfect choice for your significant other, your kids or friends that enjoy spending time outdoors.

Gooseberry Smart Buckle

This stainless steel attachment can be connected to over 500 different watch brands converting your classic timepiece into a modern smart watch. This ensures that you can maintain your professional image while still keeping your health in check. For only $99, this buckle measures your sleeping activity, calorie count, traveling distance and more. Its brush metal finish is also dust, shock and waterproof for continual longevity. I would give this accessory to my brother because he’s into fitness but always behind a desk which would blend the best of both worlds for him.

Ring Video Doorbell

This digital doorbell device by Ring sends alerts to your smartphone whenever a visitor is at your door. The free app on iOs and Android allows you to see, listen and communicate with whoever rang the bell with “motion-activated alerts, crystal-clear 720HD video and two-way talk with noise cancellation.” For $179, dodge the doorbell ditchers with this sleek and stylish device complete with lifetime purchase protection. My mom would love something like this. She just installed a home security system and would be a perfect edition to safeguarding her living quarters.

Anki Cozmo 

This little bulldozer looking robot is your playful animated assistant with built-in artificial intelligence. It moves autonomously and uses facial recognition to communicate with those around it. With hundreds of facial expressions and emotions, the Cozmo develops its personality and evolves over time. So enjoy entertainment, discover new information or just interact with the little guy for just over $200. Personally, I would pitch this gift to my younger cousin who’s into robotics. I’ve noticed that the newer generation is being introduced to this technology at an early age.

Panacast Vivid Camera 

Video conferences are becoming the norm in business by offering a simple and convenient method to communicate. Panacast has created the world’s first ever “panoramic-4K Plug-And-Play USB Video Camera” that adjusts video quality based on the environment. It synchronizes the hue and lighting with your natural settings to prevent a sight for sore eyes. The company says it wants to make it seem as if you’re talking to each other in person. Starting at $995, the camera is compatible with all of your apps such as Google Hangouts and Skype without requiring driver or software installs. This item is ideal for the conscious entrepreneur who has a remote business and wants to incorporate technology that is best for their well-being.

And there you have it. If you have any other suggestions you’d like to add, drop us a note and let us know. Happy holidays!

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