Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore Loses Alabama Senate Race to Democrat Doug Jones

Historic Victory for Democrat Doug Jones

A jubilant but exhausted Doug Jones became the first Democrat in 25 years to win a Senate seat in Alabama on Tuesday, December 12. Doug Jones won the seat formerly held by Jeff Sessions and made empty when Sessions became the Attorney General of the United States. Jones historic victory over a Republican is not only a Roy Moore defeat but perhaps a rejection of Trump and Bannon’s politics of division.

Senator Doug Jones
Senator Doug Jones – photo credit Wikipedia

Mr. Jones’s victory could have a significant impact on the national level and be a wake-up call to Republicans who have been feeling invulnerable since last year’s election, holding the House and Senate, and may force the GOP to realign their allegiance to far-right conservative policies to a more moderate position, or one could argue to  what was until recently thought off as the GOP.

It also could, for the first time since last year’s Presidential election, trace a realistic roadmap for the Democrats to grab the Senate during the November 2018 midterm elections. Doug Jones is considered to be a “conservative” Democrat, and not liberal enough for the most radical branch of the party. And perhaps, that is the path to follow. Moderation.

This victory could be interpreted as a snub of President Trump, who against much of his party – under the influence of Bannon – fully embraced Roy Moore’s candidacy, putting in his weight to tip the scale in Moore’s favor.

Political analysts are commenting that “even though Roy Moore has a large stronghold with the Evangelical Christians, not one Evangelical leader stood up for Roy Moore” and their lack of support could have caused him the election.

Large Voting Turnout

The African-American community, the gays, Latinos and Jewish communities stood behind Doug Jones and showed their support by turning up at the voting booth.   The turnout of African-Americans – 32% at the latest count – for a Senatorial race is extraordinary, prompting Doug Jones to “thank the African-Americans” in his victory speech. On the other hand, 62% of white women voted for Roy Moore.

vote by race an gender


Roy Moore ran his campaign amid scandalous allegations of sexually abusing teens in the 70s and 80s. Moore denied all allegations,  calling the women liars and blaming fake news.

Roy Moore Refuses to Concede and Calls for a Recount

Moore, however, has refused to concede and has asked for a recount claiming that all votes – such as military votes – haven’t been counted in yet.
“It’s not over, and it’s going to take some time. God is our side,” Moore told supporters in Montgomery after Jones declared victory.

Doug Jones in his victory speech said:


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