App Promises To Keep the Flu Away From You 

App Forecasts & Tracks Flu and other illness to Keep You Healthy

The World Health Organization has predicted that this year could be a major flu season but due to many unpredictable factors can’t provide exact numbers or where it will strike exactly.

“I wouldn’t,” Dr. Kanta Subbarao, director of the World Health Organization’s influenza collaborating center in Australia, said during an interview when asked what she would project the Northern Hemisphere might be facing, flu-wise, in the coming months. “I’ve been in this business too long to fall into the trap of trying to predict.”

Sickweather is the world's first real-time map of sickness and the largest crowdsourcing community
Sickweather real-time map of sickness and the largest crowdsourcing community – Photo credit Sickweather

Sickweather®, a real-time map of human health, thinks it holds the answer with tracking reports of flu and other illnesses, and if you get sick, its ability to connect to the right healthcare provider, while also integrating digital health tools and access to more detailed illness information.

The press release lists the following features:

A new “Call Doctor” button. Get direct access to board-certified physicians through a partnership with telehealth company WellVia Solutions at a 10% discount.

Thermometer Connectivity. Sickweather now supports Bluetooth connectivity with three of the most popular brands of smart ear thermometers, allowing users to record and track their temperatures and other symptoms directly within the app.

Enriched Illness and Symptom Information. Now partnering with Krames StayWell, greater detail on illnesses and symptoms tracked by Sickweather, including causes, when to see a doctor, and treatments are now available.

Popular features like “SickScore” are also now more visible.

The company hopes to seriously compete with the already well established WebMD in the health information space, a lofty goal at this moment but time will tell if Sickweather can grow to become a universally appealing app.

The iOS version has so far 50 reviews for a four-star score, while the Android averages 3.7 stars with 1,022 total downloads .

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