The Scope Weekly’s Crowdfunding Pick – Yeehaw Wand – Holo – Chip

Three Campaigns – Three Platforms – Yeehaw Wand – Holo – Chip

Last month we shared the top 3 most promising crowdfunding campaigns and want to revisit again for December. We included the popular choices of IndieGoGo and Kickstarter while incorporating an equity-based platform named CrowdCube. The two former options are conventionally set up allowing backers to support campaigns they believe in and receive perks+bonuses for funding them ahead of time. Backers may receive exclusive items, offers, discounts or more. CrowdCube, on the other hand, enables investors to earn equity in the company they’ve supported. Got it? Great. Now let’s check out 3 of the most exciting crowdfunding campaigns for December 2017.

Kickstarter’s Magic Rod: the Yeehaw Wand

Now I know the title may sound interesting but is by no means misleading. Take a second and think about how many times you’ve had a concept in your mind with no way to illustrate it. Well now, this Chinese-based startup is allowing people to create their ideas out of thin air with their wand and app using augmented reality (AR). Additionally, users can manipulate objects around them by focusing their smart devices on the intended material(s). The included 360-degree plate is a platform that lets users rotate their work to put the finishing touches on their masterpiece. The app available for free download on iOs and Android stores saved work or you can choose to produce them from your personal 3D printer or Yeehaw printer (not included). Yeehaw has already surpassed their goal of $25,000 by more than 50% with 37 days to go in the campaign. Backers should expect to receive their own around February.

IndieGogo’s Shared P2P Internet: Holo

With all the talk surrounding net neutrality and the fate of websites at the mercy of a chosen few, this Portuguese-based startup is seeking “human-centered” solutions. Users can share their internet’s capacity with a community of web-surfers via their very own Holoport modem. However, there’s more. Members of the community can actually earn value from supporting/hosting given applications by being paid in the exclusive cryptocurrency: Holo Fuel. The network also attempts to improve blockchain technology with its one of a kind Holochain said to be “more scalable, exponentially faster, far more energy efficient, and 10,000x cheaper.” Holy smokes. This decentralized net contender has already earned $164,985 of their $200k objective with 2 months left. There are three port options to choose from: the Nano, the HoloPort, and the HoloPort+ with plans to start shipping Spring of 2018.

CrowdCube and its AI-Powered Savings Account: Chip

Chip is an AI-driven bank account designed to improve how users manage their money. This UK-based tech firm is taking advantage of new open banking technology enabling developers to enhance banking applications and services. Its main goal is to save you money. It does this by scrutinizing your spending habits and diagnoses a budget that best fits your goals. As mentioned in their written pitch on CrowdCube, “The average UK adult saves 1.7% of their income, whilst spending 3.7% on debt interest payments.” The app transfers funds leftover from your recommended budget into Chip where it can be “put towards goals, withdrawn, or used to reduce borrowing.” Moreover, the company plans to have its very own overdraft plugin to eliminate extra fees associated with drawing too many funds. Investors that spend at least £3,000 will receive an additional 2% interest on their Chip account for life and will have full voting rights among other shareholders as well. They currently have 25,000 accounts and processed £6.7 million of savings. Chip has raised £757,890 of their £600,000 goal with 1 week left.

We’ll have to see how long it takes for Holo to meet its goal considering it’s the only one that hasn’t done so yet.

And there you have it for  The Scope Weekly’s December pick of crowdfunding campaigns. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the newest ideas out in the startup world.

Which startup interested you the most? Let us know which one you would invest in by dropping a note, a tweet, or a Facebook comment.

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