Month: January 2018

Unexpected Tools for Saving Our One Earth

Author Cheryl Leutjen contemplates the dire environmental challenges of our time. Read More


Grown-ish Episode Six: First is the Worst

Grown-ish Recap Season 1, Episode 6 Cashin’ Out Read More

Electric Racing Circuit, Formula E, Reveals new E-Vehicle Gen2

Formula E Puts the ‘E’ into Speed for Electric Racing Sports
Read More

Grammy’s Social Advocacy Gives the Award Show CPR

Grammys 60th Anniversary Focused on Politics and Social Change
Read More

Crowdfunding: January 2018-Three Campaigns-Three Platforms

January’s Crowdfunding Highlights: IoT Kit, Water Purification & Tablet for Older Adults Read More


Grown-ish Episode Five Recap: Is Zoey All In?

Grown-ish recap: Zoey’s virginity is revealed on Instagram with the #virgin and drama ensues. Read More

Amazon Go

What Amazon Go & ‘Grab-n-Go’ Concept Means for Retail Shopping

“Amazon Go” opens its doors to the public debuting its “Just Walk Out” technology with no cashiers, registers or check-out lines. What does it mean for the future of retail shopping? Read More

Russian Bots Pollutes Twitter with #schumershutdown Hashtag

Think Tank ties Russian Bots to #schumershutdown and #Releasethememo just a few days after Twitter announces new process and security measures taken to avoid a repeat of the inundation of fake accounts trying to influence the 2016 Election. Read More

Trump, Twitter

Twitter Takes Steps to Avoid another 2016 U.S. Election Debacle

Twitter suspends over 50,258 accounts linked to Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Elections Read More

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