Crowdfunding: January 2018-Three Campaigns-Three Platforms

January's Crowdfunding Highlights: IoT Kit, Water Purification & Tablet for Older Adults

A Look Back at January’s Crowdfunding Campaigns: IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, and Crowdcube

The crowdfunding community really hit the ground running this year and there were some amazing technologies in the works for January. This article focuses on the three popular crowdfunding platforms: IndieGogo, Kickstarter, and Crowdcube.

To get more familiar with crowdfunding and how each platform works, read this previous introduction on the subject. Below are three standout crowdfunding campaigns for this month.

IndieGogo’s ‘Big Clown’ Crowdfunding

In efforts to simplify tomorrow’s innovations, the Czech-Republic-based startup, BigClown, is creating a toolkit for IoT.

This modular, wireless open-source starter pack includes all of the necessities to build your own devices; whatever that may be. Why not create an air quality device for your home or install a customized security system for your elder loved ones? The applications are virtually limitless and each kit varies in what it includes. Using sub-GHz radio technology, their hardware consumes less power with wider ranges and stronger coexistence than your modern WiFi and Bluetooth.

BigClown has over 30 hardware products to choose from with varying functions that can run for 2 or more years on standard alkaline batteries, thanks to its low power consumption. With a plethora of tutorials and documentation, they make it easier than ever for modern makers to get the answers they need to create the concepts the world wants. Perfect for individuals or larger enterprises. BigClown plans to ship out its first kits in August of 2018 and has raised $24,837 of its $30,000 goal with only a month remaining in the IndieGogo campaign.

Crowdfunding Campaign for Kickstarter’s ‘LaVie’

San Francisco-based Lavie wants to purify the quality of tap water with an innovative device that looks like a basic bamboo box.

Simply pour water into their glass bottle, place it into the box and close it. Within 15 minutes, Lavie uses beneficial UVA lights to remove harmful elements such as chlorine, pesticides, medications, and antimony. Saying that “66% of bottled mineral water comes from the same source as tap water,” Lavie wants to improve the user’s drinking experience in developed countries and greatly enhance water quality for people in developing regions.

The company offers an alternative solar-powered device for residents in rural areas as well. Recognized by notable brands such as Forbes, its system is also validated by independent third-party researchers. They were also a 2018 Honoree at the CES Innovation Awards. With plans to ship June of this year, Lavie has raised $42,395 of its $50,000 target and a month left in the Kickstarter campaign.

CrowdCube’s ‘Breezie’ for the Equity Crowdfunding

Breezie has developed a platform that integrates a number of modern applications and puts them on a tablet specifically for older users. In hopes of transforming the lives of aging demographics, the company understands that convenience and simplicity is a must.

Applicable with common platforms such as Facebook and Skype or the less-discussed wearables and smart-home monitors, the device allows easy navigation that can be remotely overseen by family or caregivers.

With established partnerships with Samsung and Google, Breezie is already being used by care giving and healthcare providers in the UK, US, and Australia. Not only is it an empowering product for the health and social lives of people aged 60 and up, Breezie recognizes a largely untapped market worth $7.6 trillion globally over the next 3 decades. With 9 days left in the CrowdCube campaign, Breezie has raised $430,904.65 of its nearly $500,000 objective. Early contributors will also receive 2.44% of the company’s equity and shareholders are entitled to one vote under any circumstances.

Crowdfunding for February 2018 & Beyond

Crowdfunding will continue to evolve as it already has over the years. Now with equity-based crowdfunding providers such as CrowdCube, those interested in investing have different options to choose from.

Make sure to explore the crowdfunding platforms on your own and find something you could possibly support.

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