The Possibilities Of Possible

Sometimes success is a poor teacher. It lulls us into contentment and complacency.  Instead of always striving for greatness and relevance, we’re instead focused on iteration and incrementalism, improving what is, to progressively grow our success rather than concurrently challenging what works today to innovate and create new opportunities for tomorrow.

The Possibilities Of Possible

Your greatest enemies in breaking new ground are those who have had already benefitted from previous success. They want more and their experience validates their path. But that was then. Tomorrow’s a different story.

The opportunity for you, and them is to demonstrate how taking risks, challenging the status quo and investing in what’s next can yield unforeseen and net additional benefits. Truth is that someone, every day, is opening new doors and profiting from doing so. After all, there was a time when business, as usual, wasn’t conventional. Time has come again for self-disruption in the name of progress and prosperity.

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