Toyota Sells 3,000 Murai Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV in California

Move over polluters. With a growing network of hydrogen fueling infrastructure in California, sales of the Toyota Mirai fuel cell sedan proves its appeal.

Toyota took a risk on the hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles market and it paid off. Despite its limited network of hydrogen refueling stations, the Toyota Mirai, one of the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, has sold over 3,000 sales California since it went on sale in the second half of 2015, with a list price of $57,500. For Toyota, this new milestone means that Mirai makes up more than “80% of all hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the United States,” the automaker said.

“Toyota remains at the forefront of developing and deploying hydrogen fuel cell technology, and we believe strongly in its potential to help realize a more sustainable and zero-emissions society,” said Bob Carter, Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor North America, Inc. “From our success in launching the Mirai to our work in building the world’s first megawatt-scale carbonate fuel cell power generation plant, Toyota is proud to bring to market new uses for this versatile technology.”

Building a Hydrogen Refueling Network Nationwide

Toyota has expanded its hydrogen refueling network and now operates thirty-one retail hydrogen stations in California. It projects to open for business an additional twelve stations in California in 2018. Toyota continues to partner with FirstElement Fuels and Shell to support the creation of a broad network of hydrogen infrastructure in California.

Toyota plans to stretch across the nation and has entered into a partnership with Air Liquide, a producer of industrial gases. Together the partners will set up a network of 12 hydrogen fueling stations stretching from New York to Boston, with the first station expected to launch in Boston later in 2018.

The Mirai is a zero-emission hydrogen vehicle with an EPA estimate to offer a range of 312 miles on a tank of hydrogen, and 67 mpg city/highway/combined.

The Hyundai NEXO, a next-generation fuel cell model unveiled at CES 2018
The Hyundai NEXO, a next-generation fuel cell model unveiled at CES 2018

Another company to watch out for is  Hyundai. The automaker announced at CES 2018 that it is bringing to market the fuel cell SUV called the Nexo. The car company claims that the global model will have an estimated range of around 370 miles. “The NEXO model will spearhead Hyundai Motor’s plans to accelerate development of low emission vehicles, in line with Hyundai Motor Group’s renewed goal of introducing 18 eco-friendly models to global markets by 2025”, the automaker said in a press statement.

Toyota Tri-Gen facility at the Port of Long Beach

Toyota has started construction on a Tri-Gen facility at the Port of Long Beach, California. The facility will use bio-waste sourced from California’s agricultural industry to generate water, electricity, and hydrogen and to fuel all Toyota fuel cell vehicles moving through the Port. This will include all new deliveries of the Mirai sedan and Toyota’s Heavy Duty hydrogen fuel cell class 8 truck, known as Project Portal.

As Toyota said, “Move over polluters.”

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