3D Printing Could Help Resolve Global Homelessness

A 600-square-foot house up to building codes was 3D printed in 24 hrs for less than $4,000 house.

Nonprofit New Story, a Silicon Valley startup has a new invention: Vulcan. It teamed with construction firm ICON to develop a massive 3D printer that can construct a four-room house in 12 to 24 hours for $10,000 and plans to take the cost down to $4,000 in the upcoming year. The homes are between 600 and 800 square foot and up to safe building codes.

And it could be a game changer for the 1.2 billion people who lack adequate shelter around the world. When you think that the human-built equivalent houses take between two to three weeks to build and at least ten times the cost, it appears to be a feasible solution to global homelessness, and an answer to the present inability to rapidly and affordably build emergency shelter in case of displacement due to natural disasters, and political strife in war-torn zones and host countries.

New Story plans to build 100 homes in El Salvador next year, and it’s only the beginning. And because the houses are built using software,  the family are offered design options based on their family size and needs. New Story is not the only company that is developing technology for 3D printed houses, but the others are focused on building high-end homes, while New story’s mission is to house the people living in the most disadvantaged conditions in the world, including domestically.


A prototype of the house was showcased at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The town can now claim to house the United States’ first  3D-printed house.

Inspired by this story? The non-profit is looking for people who are interested in sponsoring a home for a family for $6,500.


At the time of publishing, The Scope Weekly hadn’t heard back from the companies. The article will be updated if new information is provided.

Photos – courtesy of New Story

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