And Co, a Relationship Manager platform for Freelancers, Acquired by Fiverr

Fiverr plans to make it easier for freelancers to succeed in the gig economy with free business software for freelancers and studios.

For freelancers who are part of the Gig economy, one the hardest thing to manage is the relationship with their clients. For Fiverr, a site that brings together freelancers and “lean” entrepreneurs and is best known for offering gigs starting at $5, one its challenge is to keep its freelancers happy to offer services to clients. Therefore in a horizontal move that makes complete sense, January 2018 Fiverr acquired  And Co, a New York City startup that offers online tools that freelancers can use to better manage their client relationships, including invoicing, proposals, contracts, invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking and task management. The whole gamut of tools needed by freelancers in one place.


The platform integrates with the apps most commonly used by freelancers such as PayPal, Stripe, Zapier, and others.

And Co from Fiverr platform.
And Co from Fiverr platform.

What is remarkable is that  CEO Micha Kaufman, the CEO of Fiverr plans to keep the platform free for the freelancers for using for And Co’s software.

Kaufman said in a statement, ” We’re thrilled to announce our acquisition of AND CO, a freelancing software engineered to help you run your offline business from proposal to payment. Now called AND CO from Fiverr, this SaaS application helps freelancers make more money by taking the friction out of freelancing. It manages tasks, tracks time, sends out invoices, and accepts payments, all on one platform. So you can focus on why you started your business in the first place—to create.”

Under the new ownership, And Co will now be known as And Co from Fiverr.

In 2016, the startup raised $2 million seed round led by Thrive Capital. It initially started at the New York-based Incubator PreHype. The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed in the statement, but Kaufman said And Co” will continue to operate as a separate brand for now, with the entire team joining Fiverr.” The Incubator also has offices in Detroit, London, Copenhagen, and Sydney.

“Having the opportunity to join the Fiverr team is an extension of AND CO’s original mission of enabling people to focus on the work they love most,” said And Co co-founder and CEO Leif Abraham in the announcement.

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