Son of Wu-Tang Clan Rapper is Launching ‘Dirty Coin’ Cryptocurrency

Wu Tang Keeps Legacy Alive with 'Dirty Coin' Cryptocurrency

Dirty Money for a Growing Digital Economy?

The son of late rap artist Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Bar-Son James aka Young Dirty, is launching his own cryptocurrency called Dirty Coin (tix: ODB). Partnering with the entity of Ol’ Dirty and Link Media Partners, the token will be on the TAO blockchain network and traded on the AltMarket in late 2018. This multi-faceted endeavor is to not only create a stronger appeal for cryptocurrencies among younger audiences but help fund Young Dirty’s upcoming music project. James believes that his efforts will bring a different perspective to the cryptocommunity. (Hanesbrands Inc.)

A quick look a the website featuring scantily clad women seems to indicate that it’s encouraging its users to spend the cryptocurrency on pleasure activities and more all in complete anonymity, which is a perception that most crypto companies are fighting to redress.  My editor inquired whether it would allow the sales of guns and illegal substances based solely on the wording of the company website which implies that anything that one desires is up for sale. We did reach out to the company for answers but haven’t heard back yet.

Mural of Late Rap Artist, Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

The Surge of Celebrity Interest in Cryptocurrency Continues to Grow

There have been several well-known musicians, athletes and business moguls that have hopped on the crypto train since its beginnings. All of whom contributed to the industry in some way, shape or form. Until now, no one has launched their own token similar to that of Dirty Coin.

Ashton Kutcher was one of the first to endorse the crypto craze in May of 2014 after tweeting about the not yet released digital currency, Ethereum. He also invested in Bitpay, a Bitcoin processor, and keeps his Twitter followers in the loop on the latest cryptocurrency trends via social media.

Well-known rap artist, Nas, invested in Bitcoin back in August 2014 and claimed that blockchain and its cryptocurrency byproduct would be, “as big, if not bigger, than the internet.” Later that year, he awarded Bitcoin tokens to winners of a Nas Trivia contest that questioned participants on various subjects related to his history, career and music brand.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather has been noted as one of the most dynamic endorsers of cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings (ICOs). He helped promote the ICOs of and the Hubii Network. He also became the brand ambassador for a crypto platform, Centra, which he helped accumulate over $30 million in raised funds. His passion runs so deep that he has even regarded himself as “Crypto Mayweather.”


When Richard Branson isn’t busy with space travel or bullet train technology, he is investing in the growing apparatus of cryptocurrency. He started by accepting Bitcoin as payment for his commercial space travel provider, Virgin Galactic, and later dropped $30 million into Bitpay. His ideas surrounding cryptocurrency has stayed consistently optimistic in the public eye and invested an additional $40 million into the European crypto service, Blockchain towards the latter half of 2017.

Katy Perry claims that a discussion with legendary investor tycoon, Warren Buffet, sparked her inspiration to adopt the crypto lifestyle. This was in November of 2017 and has used her huge Instagram presence to market cryptocurrencies in a creative and fashion-forward manner. Although it is unclear whether or not she has invested any of her hard-earned dough in the movement, Perry seems to be passionate about the cause.

Cryptonomics is Reaching the Disadvantaged Communities

Dirty Coin is building a bridge between mainstream economics and the urban youth which may have an impact on overall wealth seen in lower tax brackets. Although I do believe that cryptocurrency is not going anywhere anytime soon, the push to institutionalize its practice will fluctuate its stability in the long-run. Dirty Coin is an interesting approach from an unexpected character such as Young Dirty but as he said, may cause a ripple effect in the financial trends of pop culture.

At the time of publishing, we weren’t able to get a quote from Dirty Coin Representatives but will update once additional information is received.

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