FidoTV Offers Dog Lovers a Piece of the Network on StartEngine Crowdfunding Platform

FidoTV offers dog lovers the opportunity to invest in the future of the dog-centric media network by buying shares of Series A Preferred Stock.

Own a Piece of FidoTV

FidoTV announced the launch of an ambitious crowdfunding campaign to raise $1 million to help increase national distribution and acquire additional content. The crowdfunding campaign is available throughStartEngine and is aimed at dog lovers. Since being announced on April 4, 2018, the campaign has already raised more than $21,000. It aims to raise $1.07M. It remains to be seen if it can reach its goal. But for anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a TV network, this could be the best opportunity. 

Founder and CEO, Tad Walden created the TV network and is now offering fellow dog lovers all over the country the opportunity to own a piece of the network. The crowdfunding campaign on the StartEngine platform offers dog lovers the opportunity to invest in the future of the network, buying $5/share of Series A Preferred Stock, the same class of stock issued to FidoTV’s founding investors.

Why StartEngine?

StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding platform that connects start-up companies with investors. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, StartEngine’s portal dedicated to helping fund the expansion of entrepreneurship.

When asked by The Scope Weekly why FidoTV chose StartEngine as their crowdfunding platform, Walden replied, “StartEngine’s profile fits best with our company’s fundraising objectives.”

Since the network’s inception in November 2015, FidoTV has received $7.2 million in equity investment. Investors in the crowdfunding opportunity are investing with the anticipation of the company’s future value exceeding $14.6 million.

In an exclusive interview with The Scope Weekly, Walden said, “Like any start-up, we need capital to fuel our continued growth.”

Walden also said,

“Dog lovers are a passionate and engaged group of individuals and what better way to create a deeper connection with this loving community than to offer the opportunity to be ‘an owner’ in our distinctive network.”

What Is FidoTV?

FidoTV Channel is the first multi-platform TV network broadcasting shows and movies specifically for people who love dogs. Based in Castle Rock, CO, the programming focuses exclusively on providing entertaining, educational shows about dogs and dog ownership for dog lovers all over the country.

There are 155 million dog owners in the USA. Before FidoTV, there was no single network exclusively dedicated to dogs as a subject matter, yet there are successful networks devoted to hunting, fishing, tennis, golf, and many other specific subject matters. Walden told The Scope Weekly,

“FidoTV is the only network exclusively dedicated to dogs and we are proud to produce engaging original content that serves our audience.”

The company’s goal is to provide a content ecosystem where dog lovers can find TV and video entertainment, as well as support services for dogs by connecting on any device to FidoTV content viewing.

Programming for the network includes shows about dogs and dog ownership from around the world. The available content is solely oriented to the 155 million dog owners in the USA and 60.2 million households that own dogs.

Who Gets it?

At present, FidoTV is distributed 24/7 to 4.5 million households by AT&T U-verse, CenturyLink Prism, Google fiber, Summit Broadband, Cincinnati Bell, and as a subscription video-on-demand through Amazon Prime.

Walden said to The Scope Weekly that if the network is successful in raising the funds it needs through the crowdfunding campaign, it plans to put that money to good use.  Walden said, “Funding will be used to increase national distribution, advance national advertising sales, create and acquire additional content, implement marketing and support operations to help ensure the success of the network into the future.” He added, “In Q3 2018, FidoTV will launch a live-stream to Rodu’s +15 million subscribers, increasing FidoTV’s national reach to +20 million.”

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