A1 is Selling Meat Scented Candle for Father’s Day ’cause Dads Want to Smell Bacon

This is real. AI offers limited-edition meat-scented "Man-dle" because the company says, "it's the perfect thing to make your man hungry".

Is that REALLY what dad wants for Father’s Day?

One usually associates lighting candles with a romantic dinner or to create a gentle atmosphere, but AI best known for its BBQ sauce believes that what dad wants is home that smells like meat and just in time for Father’s Day it is releasing meat-scented candles. The company website is peppered with taglines such as,  “We know our saucy tang resonates with dad. So bring it home to him in a different way. A candle that will LIGHT the way to his heart” and urges buyers to purchase the candles while supplies last with mouth-watering names such as Original, Burger and Backyard BBQ.

The website suggests that lighting those candles will also free you up from having to cook and set up a BBQ, “now you don’t have to do the whole cooking thing to get the hearty smell.” Just light up a BBQ Backyard candle! And the site promises that the candle is sure to “light the way to his heart” with the $14.99 gift.

The makers of A1 sauces and now meat-scented candles aren’t the first one to sell food-scented candles. A quick internet search pulls out pages on Amazon of bacon, bacon-hickory, and bacon-bourbon, and bacon-everything goes scented candles.

And food rival Kraft Heinz brand Oscar Mayer has been selling for years limited-edition items like an “original collection” of bacon items in ornate, a “Wake-up and Smell the Bacon” bacon-scented alarm clock app, jewel-like packaging, for Father’s Day, and this year, even going as far as releasing for a limited time a “Bacoin” cryptocurrency.

Eco-Candle has a whole line just for men called, are you ready for this? The MANdle scent line with scents like The Carnivore, Mr. MoneyBag, Mama’s Boy and Surfer Dude, and my favorite Dirt Bag, among others. Who knew that men needed their own smelly scents to feel like a man in their home!

DIY Man-Dle

Meanwhile the DIY crowd can get handy and the project going withSnapguide’s how-to-guide cleverly titled “How to Make a Bacon Candle or Man-Dle” which involves microwaving bacon and collecting grease.



The Scope Weekly reached out to AI to find out what other upcoming scents they may have in the works and the rep told us,”The limited-edition, while supplies last meat-scents are pretty much covering it.”


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