Takeaways from Apple WWDC 2018- Privacy and Security, AR development

WWDC 2018 Focused on Performance and Longevity

This year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) for Apple took place this week revealing the latest updates. On Monday, we spoke about the opening announcements but now that WWDC 2018 is officially over, here is a summary of the biggest announcements from the event.

Apple’s Fight to Curb Tech Addiction

Apple has been exploring how to effectively reduce the amount of time users spend on their devices in hopes of assisting those addicted to their products. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode has been updated so users can customize how and when to be notified from their smart devices. Additionally, ‘Do Not Disturb During Bedtime’ suggests that people can mute their notifications for less distractions and more beauty sleep. Grouped notifications also allows users to view and delete a number of messages easier than before. In addition to their weekly usage reports, parents can set limits on app use and view activity from minors upon request. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, made his intentions clear with these new tech curbing features and told WWDC’s audience,

We’ve never been focused on usage as a key parameter. We’re empowering people with the facts that will allow them to decide themselves how they want to cut back.

The Much Anticipated iOS 12

Even though Apple’s newest OS isn’t a surprise for most, iOS 12 has taken a different route focused on performance and stability. Apple wants users to be more aware and in control of apps by optimizing their ‘digital health.’ Because of this, Apple claims that apps, keyboards, cameras and overall iOS function performs at least 50% faster. In addition, their messaging notifications have been updated for improved management and accessibility from the lock screen.

Apple Unveils the ARKit 2

Apple’s new augmented reality (AR) kit allows developers to play with the technology for mobile apps. Apple announced their latest format, USDZ, was created particularly for AR development. The iOS 12 has improved face tracking so multiple users can merge to view the same AR experience. This works well in conjunction with Apple’s mobile app, Measure, that enables the camera to accurately calculate the dimensions of any object.

Apple Getting Serious about Siri & the WatchOS 5 

Apple has trailed behind voice assistants such as Alexa but they’ve made some announcements during WWDC 2018 indicating they’re on the right track. For instance, Siri now has the ability to create shortcuts for multiple apps based on your behavior/app usage.  Many of these improvements go hand in hand with their smart watch that emphasizes fitness and health management. Users can run athletic competitions up to 7 days long and even send people audio clips with their new walkie-talkie feature.

Apple’s Secure macOS Mojave

Similar to iOS12, the new macOS Mojave focuses on organization and simplicity. Their new stacks mode enables users to compress a claustrophobic desktop by quite literally stacking apps together with similar genres. Their new night mode makes those after hour screen sessions easier on the eyes. The Apple Mac Store has been revamped and has updated security features in compliance with the GDPR. Numerous apps such as Apple News and voice memos can also be controlled from the Mojave as well.


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