Top 3 Crowdfunding Campaigns for June: Bento Bag, Mach33, Rowan Tree

Watches for space enthusiasts, perfected travel bags and woman-focused workspaces.

This month our selection includes a space watch, a bag that positions itself as the most thoughtful bag on the market and a workspace made by, for and from women entrepreneurs. The latter campaign is from, I Fund Women, a crowdfunding platform for female entrepreneurs and creators. Below are the top picks for crowdfunding from the month of June.

The Most Thoughtful Travel Case: The Bento Bag

The New York-based company, Nomad Lane, has come out with an improved version of their own Bento Bag and running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This item has the sleekness of a modern handbag with luggage-like abilities and strategic storage space. Small enough to fit under the train and airplane seats (17” x 10” x 8”), it opens up like a suitcase to reveal an assortment of slots and pockets. A 15″ laptop or tablet, tech cables, toiletries, clothes, a pair of shoes and other items can fit inside. The external pocket has stretchy pockets for cellphones, headphones etc., pen slots, key leash and zippered cash pocket. Its external port connects to both Android and iPhone devices and the inner wire takes any standard battery pack. The crowdfunding campaign has raised $144,038 of its $15,000 goal with 19 days remaining.

Watch Time Stand Still With Space-Themed Mach 33

Swiss Watch Company, Werenbach, is crowdfunding their very own Mach 33 timepiece that can capture earth from space in real time. Users are able to stream footage from the international space station (ISS) capturing the world below from different angles. Simply watch from the eye of an astronaut on your smartphone. The watches are made out of genuine rocket material from a Russian Soyuz Rocket (MS-O2). The Mach 33’s intricate chip technology allows users to gently touch their smartphones with the watch and access all of its features automatically. With only 21 days left on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding campaign has accumulated $221,824 of their original $40,547.

Made by Women, Made for Women: Rowan Tree Creative Community

The Rowan Tree Community is a workspace collective dedicated to serving the best interests of women of all ages, backgrounds, and professions. Based out of Herndon, VA, they are crowdfunding to support their vision of a space to collaborate with like-minded women. This is done through fitness classes, social events, and mentor/mentee relationships.

An on-site wellness room with yoga will be available and focused “quiet” spaces can be used for privacy. Members can always use private conference rooms for business meetings. Moreover, their 5:1 model makes it so for every five memberships, a scholarship will be granted for one woman to access the space. So far, the crowdfunding has raised $18,340 of their $100,000 goal with 34 days left on I Fund Women.

For more information visit or join the community for an upcoming event:


There were some interesting picks this month and if you missed May’s crowdfunding pick, check it out here. What do you think of this month’s top crowdfunding picks? Let us know and please invest in any campaign you feel strongly about.

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