Meero Closes a $45 million Second Round Led by Alven and Idinvest

The image editing startup raises a second round of financing just eight months after it's first $15 million round.

Meero, a Paris-based startup that plans to revolutionize the image editing business with algorithms and Artificial Intelligence has reached $60 million of financing in a short two years since its inception. The financers include Global Founders Capital, Aglae Ventures, Alven and White Star Capital – have been joined by Idinvest.

“The fact that our historical investors are renewing their confidence and new supporters are joining the Meero adventure is encouraging us in the strategy we have chosen to pursue,” said in a press statement Thomas Rebaud, co-founder, and CEO of Meero. “This significant fundraising will enable us to accelerate our development, both commercially and technologically, and thereby consolidate our leading position in this market.”

The company leverages artificial intelligence in the service of photography,  to automate the editing of images, reducing the processing time of pictures to a few seconds while human processing takes hours, saving time and money to video editing department to young tech actors.

So how does it work? First thing first, find a photographer. For the client, the process has been simplified to instead of working with hundreds of photographers in hundreds of cities, Meero lets them locate one photographer in over a hundred countries. The transactions are standardized and set in advance to avoid any unexpected expenses.  Meero monetizes by taking a cut on every deal.

After the shooting, photographers usually have to spend hours selecting and editing the best photos. This usually takes even longer than the shooting itself.

“We focused on this idea because we wanted to make the web beautiful,” co-founder and CEO Thomas Rebaud said during an interview last year. “We realized that we are all on Instagram and that photos are beautiful. But then, you go on a marketplace and photos aren’t great.”

The process is as easy as it comes. Directly upload your photos to the platform, and Meero’s AI automates the editing process. Speed and cost savings are Meero’s scalability.

Meero counts over 40,000 clients worldwide, and 180 employees in 26 different countries, it states that it delivers one photo shoot every thirty seconds and it said that it “processes a new transaction every 30 seconds” with its clients getting back their photos in an average of 24 hours. Not limiting itself to photos, the startups also lets its clients order videos from the platform.

The company lists on its website as clients Airbnb, Sotheby’s, Barnes, Square Hab itat, UberEats, and other big brands.

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