Environment Gets funded: The Top 4 Crowdfunding Campaigns for July 2018

Our favorite Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe,and Startengine campaigns favored the environment. We've selected a smart and sustainable timepiece, an effort to save lake Nacimiento, the preservation of a grand butterfly garden along with solar-powered renewable energy storage units.

Awake Watches on Kickstarter: French Innovation to Tackle Pollution

With over 20,000 tons of plastic waste polluting our oceans, co-founders of Awake Watches, Lilian and Fred, launched a crowdfunding campaign for their sustainable watch to raise awareness on global environmental issues. They also pledged to never sacrifice the quality and style of their watches. Awake did this by incorporating the basic principle that another man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure. Much of the material, from the straps to the stainless steel, are made from recycled waste. It’s powered by Japanese solar movement which means nature is its primary life source. A minimum of $250 is required to receive a watch at a discounted rate with aims of shipping in November of this year. So far, this crowdfunding campaign has raised over $160,000 of it’s original $30,000 goal with only 20 days remaining.

Indiegogo’s Spirogya Butterfly Garden Campaign Barely Left the Cocoon

Fifteen minutes away from Costa Rica’s capital lies a harmonious butterfly garden stretched across 1.7 acres of farmland. Sol Carballo has dedicated over 25 years to preserve this hidden gem and has turned to crowdfunding to make some improvements. Spirogyra has 20 different species of butterflies used for research and breeding. Carballo’s family is under constant scrutiny from speculators interested in clearing this area for more modern agricultural activity. Instead, they plan to maximize on the region by improving their labs, access points, cafeteria and auditorium. They also want to restore the nearby trails, merge 2 turtle ponds into 1 and connect the property to a hanging bridge for easier visitation. This crowdfunding campaign just barely launched with 2 months remaining and a $21,000 goal. A minimum of $30 is required to partake in their project.

Startengine’s StorEn Technology for Efficient Energy Storage

New York-based StorEn has capitalized on the vitality of vanadium flow batteries for the most cost-effective and energy-efficient storage units out there. Their batteries have the lowest cost per cycle in the world which equates to eight times more efficiency than standard lithium-ion batteries. With a 25 year life duration and over 15,00 cycles, StorEn is positioning their batteries for self-generated power and a totally carbon-free environment. This is done through using 100% recycled material, significant green-house gas reductions, along with being entirely non-pollutant and non-flammable. This equity crowdfunding campaign requires a $500 minimum tribute granting a $4/share of common stock.


GoFundMe’s Lake Nacimiento Save The Dragon

In Paso Robles, CA there is a lake often referred to as “The Dragon” because of its distinct appearance. Formally called Lake Nacimiento has millions of gallons drained daily for agriculture and fish preservation. However, it is nearly impossible to measure exactly how much water is being extracted and where its resources are being channeled. This poses a serious problem for locals of San Luis Obispo County and the Nacimiento Regional Water Advisory Committee (NRWMAC) was formed to manage this natural resource. Due to the unwillingness of Monterey County to negotiate, the committee has turned to crowdfunding to push a $100,000 goal. This will assist in the proper management of the Dragon bringing environmental and economic prosperity to its region. So far, they have raised over $41,000.

We are pleased to see the surge of environmentally-focused crowdfunding campaigns for this month and hope you enjoyed our top picks. Check out June’s blog if you missed it and let us know which campaign interests you the most for this month.

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