Editor’s August Pick. Four Fall Accessories to Be stylish from Head to Toe

Great Fall Accessories: Scope Weekly picks a Scarf and a pair of sneakers by Marimekko, daytrip ruffle weave socks, and a crossbody purse

Fall is in the air and the Scope Weekly has had the chance to review multiple fashion items. These are our picks for the following weeks. Go out in style!

The iconic Marimekko brand features Mai Huivi scarf, a most darling scarf to stylishly complete your Fall look and keep your throat protected from abrupt temperatures drop.

Retail price: $95.00

And again from Marimekko, slip on Marka Unikko sneakers to enjoy in comfort those long autumn strolls.

Retail price: $195.00

Daytrip ruffle socks will knock your socks off and are perfect to wear with those knee-grazing skirts, dresses or city-shorts!

Retail price: $6.37

The Sak Artist crossbody purse will appeal to your playful an bohemian nature. We love the size, not too big and bulky but big enough for your essentials.

Retail price: $20.25

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