Editor’s Pick: August 2018 Crowdfunding Campaigns Highlight Science Fiction Campaigns

Crowdfunding campaigns for science fiction and physics enthusiasts: How to Build a Time Machine, Mandela Effect books project, and a time-traveling science fiction film The Guy Down the Road.

Time Travel for the Mainstream and Deeper Roles of Quantum Physics

For August, we’ve chosen to explore crowdfunding campaigns centered on science fiction and extraordinary scientific theories. So don’t be surprised to see subjects such as time traveling and alternate realities for this month. Whether or not you believe in these ideas are entirely up to you, but it’s fun to think about nevertheless and exciting to see it penetrate the arena of popular crowdfunding platforms. We’ve also included a less-known crowdfunding provider named ‘WeFunder‘ focused on investing and equity of given startups.

Kickstarter’s Crowdfunding Controversial Interviews with a Time Traveler: How to Build a Time Machine

The author T.E. Willis has launched a crowdfunding campaign to publish a book about interviews with an alleged time traveler from the year 2151. A gentleman by the name of John J. Clifton reached out to a publishing company in December of 2017 which eventually led to a series of interviews in early 2018. In February of this year, 2 New York-based publishers along with a theoretical physicist and a member of the International Association of Mathematical Physics sat down with Clifton to scrutinize his claims in detail.

However, the meeting ended abruptly after agents from the United States Department of Energy showed up to confiscate recording devices and documentation and escorted Mr. Clifton never to be seen or heard from again. Shortly after, the interviewers recovered a cell phone that was recording these conversations to help with the outline of his book titled: “How to Build a Time Machine.” Despite receiving warnings from the Deputy Counsel to the President for National Security Affairs to disclose these interviews, Willis and his team have decided to publish it anyway. The book reveals a tendentious timeline for America and the world along with the specifics of constructing a real-life time traveling device. It is important to note that because of the unverifiable nature of these claims, Willis labels this work as fictitious.

This crowdfunding campaign falls under Kickstarter’s “Projects We Love” Category and has already raised $6,125 of its $2,500 goal with 27 days remaining.

WeFunder’s Crowdfunding a Unique Time Traveling Film The Guy Down the Road

Award-winning producer of independent films such as Reign of Fire and Flirting with Disaster, Dean Silvers, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support his upcoming project titled, The Guy Down the Road. This film intends to blend the comedic feel of Superbad, the heartwarming tone of Stand by Me and the futuristic narrative of Back to the Future. The movie tells of a young boy named Joe who believes his next door neighbor is his future self. Joe and his posse than go on a quest to explore whether or not the man is, in fact, a time traveler.

Silvers believes in the potential of independent films which grossed $1,800,000,000 last year with exceptional turnouts in the genres of comedy and science fiction. His previous works have generated gross revenues of over $400 million, received Emmy Awards and played at notable events such as the Sundance Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival.

Silvers requires a minimum pledge of $500 and so far has raised $41,284 of its $100,000 target.

GoFundMe’s Crowdfunding: The Mandela Effect: Everything is Changing.

Author and avid researcher of quantum mechanics and theology, Stasha Ericksen, is crowdfunding  the second volume of her book titled: “The Mandela Effect: Everything is Changing.” In this work, Ericksen is attempting to shine a light on the unconventional scientific theory known as the Mandela Effect. This concept originated after a significant group of people attested that the famous African leader, Nelson Mandela, after passing away in 2013 died in the 1980s. Hundreds of individuals vividly remember his death occurring in the late 20th century triggering the pseudo-scientific claims of alternate realities and parallel universes.

Ericksen’s first volume focused on many of the popular examples of this theory and how it correlates with modern technology such as artificial intelligence and CERN which has attempted to recreate the big bang attracting media attention back in 2011 for its controversial activities. Her second volume is now focusing on the changes of books that have reportedly been labeled as ‘grouped false memories’ from those claiming notable differences in titles, appearances, and text from widespread literature.

Her GoFundMe Crowdfunding Campaign has raised $1,197 of her $3,000 objective and encourages people to submit their accounts of the Mandela effect in relation to books.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this month’s edition of crowdfunding campaigns and perhaps opened your mind to the possibility of the unknown. If you missed last month’s overview, check out July’s crowdfunding article here and stay tuned for what’s in store for September.

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