Move Over Boxing & Mindful Movement, Mermaid Workout is “Fintastic”

Move over reality. More than 19.6 million people in the U.S. alone believe that mermaids exist and would like to date one.

If you thought that Mindful Movement, Kickboxing, Barbelling 3D Workout were the 2018 fitness craze, swim over here because Mermania is taking over.  So much so that a select lodgings part of® group are now offering what they have labeled as fintastic workouts.

Mermaid fitness is growing in popularity

What’s the splash about? No yoga mat required but do bring a solid sense of humor and your inner Esther Williams. The#Mermazing mermaid workout seems to consist of wearing mermaid fins, which results in your legs not being able to splash separately, swimming around the pool and perform other water aerobics. When performed in the sea, expect the unexpected from its original salt-water residents.

Growing number of people believe mermaids are real and is riding the wave.

It appears that people are so dissatisfied with the state of human being that a recent survey reveals that over a third (37%) believe that mer-people exist, with 6% claiming to have seen one – that’s 19.6 million people in the U.S. alone. Some smart marketing person at®  decided that to best monetize this trend,® would be launching exclusive mermaid workout classes in select locations worldwide. 

Johan Svanstrom, President of brand, says, “These days, vacationers don’t just want an infinity pool and a king-size bed, they want experiences they can get stuck into and brag about on social media. We know they want memorable vacation moments and these mermaid classes are exactly that, how many times in your life are you going to be able to splash, flip and swim like Ariel? We’re ‘flippin’ excited to introduce these exclusive classes to all the fun-loving travelers out there and give people the chance to try something unusual and #Mermazing.” 

Svanstrom said the survey revealed that “more than one in ten men would like to be a merman, and 8% of women say their hubby or boyfriend would be more likely to try a mermaid fitness class than them.”

Where to see mermaids (which, remember aren’t real)

The survey conducted by One Poll in July 2018 had 7,000 respondents across 29 countries. The need for escapism is so strong that in a year that has witnessed the success of Siren, Nicki Minaj frolicking on the beach as a mermaid and the revamp of ‘The Little Mermaid,’ travelers are willing to travel to see this mythical creature. Bewilderingly, according to the survey, a fifth (21%) of vacation-goers worldwide would travel somewhere if they thought they would spot a mermaid and one in ten (9%) would rather date a mermaid or merman than a human.

Top 4 places people believe mermaids can be spotted and will travel to:

1.     Spain (21%)

1.     Australia (21%)

2.     Italy (20%)

3.     Norway (15%)

4.     France (13%)

Fiction versus reality. Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks’s Splashy romance is what menfolk truly want.

Remember Splash? In the 1984 Ron Howard movie, Tom Hanks stars as a young man who is rescued by a mermaid played by ironically a leggy Daryl Hannah. says that its survey reveals that menfolk are interested in dating a mermaid, “as almost 40% of men are enchanted by merfolk and think they could fall in love with one.  It’s not clear whether the fellas want their mate to retain the fins, transform into a woman or as in Splash, do what Hanks did, which is to join their fishy girlfriend deep-down the ocean and metamorphose into a merman.

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