Warner Music Group Adds Pop Culture News Uproxx to its Roster

Warner Music Group announced today its acquisition of the pop culture and entertainment news Uproxx Media Group for an undisclosed amount. Uproxx Media Group is comprised of sites like HitFix, Dime, and Uproxx itself. The companies hope that the merging of the creative talent at UPROXX and WMG reach a young audience with buying power, increase global promotional possibilities for branded content, and opportunities for recording artists.

Benjamin Blank CEO & Chief Creative Officer at UPROXX Media Group said in a press statement, “UPROXX was founded with the mission to deliver the best daily content and programming that shapes the lives of youth culture and the world we are inheriting. Over the past years, we’ve won the trust of our audience, along with numerous industry accolades, because of our understanding of culture, entertainment, and marketing – an approach that’s rooted in authenticity and transparency. With Warner Music Group, we just doubled down on that formula and are now able to deliver more to our audience and partners with even more access and at much bigger scale.”

It seems that WMG is in a buying mood. Last year it acquired Songkick, an award-winning live music platform and its UK launch of The Firepit, a creative content division, innovation center, and state-of-the-art multimedia/production studio.

Warner Music Group counts on UPROXX with its audience of 40 million people through its websites and other platforms “to build on its wide range of successful partnerships in music, which has resulted in programming featuring an array of artists such as Miguel, Rick Ross, Vince Staples, and Charlie Puth.”

“In the always-on, attention economy, it’s not enough to simply deliver amazing music to the world. We aim to tell engaging and original stories that influence culture,” said Max Lousada, CEO of Global Recorded Music, WMG. “UPROXX brings together pioneering personalities and credible brands in ways that move huge audiences to talk, listen and share. It’ll be exciting to collaborate with Jarret again, along with Ben and their team, who will thrive in the creative and entrepreneurial environment we’re building. They’ll be great partners as we redefine what it means to be a dynamic, future-focused music company.”

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