Editor’s Pick: Top Educational Crowdfunding Campaigns for September of 2018

The Scope Weekly September's top crowdfunding campaigns revolved around education including interactive toy sets, a children's book series and a library fund: QBI Toy Building Blocks, Reading with Rebecca and Character Education Heroes.

This Month’s Crowdfunding Picks are About Learning & Living Creatively

Every month The Scope Weekly™ picks the top crowdfunding campaigns that catch our eyes and captures our minds. Because school is back and many students from all ages have started their semester, The Scope Weekly™ decided to focus on academic themed campaigns. Check out the top campaigns for this month onIndieGoGo, Kickstarter, and GoFundMe platforms and never forget to keep learning.

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Toy Set by QBI Toy

Taiwan-based QBI Toy Building Blocks are constructive magnetic toy tracks designed to bring families together while improving children’s rational thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, spatial awareness, and communication. Equipped with cute colored toy cars, QBI Building Blocks are like HotWheels for Little Einsteins aged 4-10. Each piece of the track are synced with magnetic force and are easily assembled into various setups based on the user’s imaginative creativity. The instructive guide shows a number of race tracks and games known as ‘mission challenges’ intended to strengthen the social dynamic between children and their peers or their parents. This set is perfect for homeschooling or children that desire a more entertaining way to learn rudimentary skills. QBI has patents pending in the United States, European Union, and China. They’ve already raised $13,404 surpassing their $5,000 goal with 16 days left in their crowdfunding campaign.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Book Series: Character Education Heroes

Utah-based Character Education Heroes is an educational book series that motivates children to adopt positive self-esteem, healthy communication skills and a strong value system. The creators, Tamara A. Fackrell is a mother of 6 with over 20 years of educational practice and teamed up with creative artist, Rylee Witbeck, for illustrations. Together, they’re crowdfunding the first 3 books of the series that introduces all 6 communication styles packed with fun and meaningful stories that both students and teachers will love. Individualized character building plans, discussion questions, teaching principles and more are blended into engaging children stories designed to captivate the minds of young readers while refining their personal sense of well-being. So far, they’ve raised $2,956 of their $20,000 goal and have 20 days left before the finish line.

GoFundMe Crowdfunding Campaign: Reading with Rebecca

New York-based Reading with Rebecca is in memory of a young student named Rebecca who was a passionate reader at Our Lady of Hope School. Rebecca’s parents started this crowdfunding campaign shortly after her unexpected passing as a way to keep her spirit alive. The funds will be used to purchase quality reading material for the school’s library along with encouraging the simple yet meaningful act of reading among the students. Each new book obtained through the campaign will brandish the symbolic ‘Reading with Rebecca’ sticker in dedication of her enthusiasm towards reading comprehension. This touching campaign can resonate with parents worldwide and has raised $25,552 of their $2,500 goal.

What did you guys think of this month’s crowdfunding picks? Is there anything else you would add? Ping us and let us know your thoughts. Additionally, check out last month’s picks which were focused on science fiction crowdfunding campaigns.

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