In “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” Murphy Brown’s Gang Got a Scoop — But Can They Keep It?

Murphy and the gang are working hard to keep a big story secret, but their personal relationships may prevent them from keeping the scoop.

Both Frank and Murphy Have Secrets to Keep in This Week’s Episode, “The Girl Who Cried Wolf”

Murphy Brown

There’s panic on the set of Murphy in the Morning, when Frank (Joe Regalbuto) shows up late to work thanks to a late night with a new beau. Frank’s smirking causes trouble, but doesn’t derail Murphy who’s hot on the heels of a huge story. Murphy (Candice Bergen) can’t break the story until legal approves, so the staff has to keep the story under wraps as long as possible to avoid getting scooped.


Murphy is guarding her secret so zealously she doesn’t even want to share it with her son (Jake McDorman). She misdirects him with a faux “pee tape,” which he quickly runs off to pursue. But the truth comes out about Frank, who has slept with the conservative host of another morning show, Christy Shepherd (Katie Finneran). The crew, and in particular Murphy, give him so much grief that he lashes out. He questions who the real hypocrite is. He is sleeping with an anchor who doesn’t share his values, but Murphy’s own son is working on a network that doesn’t share their values.

Christy ends up reporting the story first on the competing Wolf Network, and the whole gang grows suspicious about who could have leaked their intel. Frank interrogates his love interest in the bar of the Trump hotel — where a Melania-esque hostess notes that there is “no cyber bullying” allowed. A leggy Taylor Swift doppelganger lopes in the background as Christy storms out, indignant that Frank doesn’t trust her. Murphy confronts her son too, who assures her that although they compete outside the home, their shared space is a neutral zone. It is later revealed that all the journalists involved in this week’s episode were innocent. It was actually Murphy’s AI assistant that leaked the story.

Murphy Brown continues Thursday nights at 9:30 ET on CBS.

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