Month: November 2018

Helsinki Christmas Market

Travel to Helsinki for an Original Christmas Holiday

Christmas in Helsinki is so much more than jingles and bells, and cold weather.
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Murphy Brown Recap: The Enemy of the Free Press

In “Beat the Press”, attacks on the media by President Donald Trump impact Murphy’s reporting, and her personal life. Read More

Grim Gratitude: Thanksgiving on Murphy Brown Address Undocumented Immigrants in America

This week, the Murphy Brown’s gang gathers to give thanks and tries to stand up to ICE.
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Business acumen: Ten Behaviors to Develop to Become a Better Business Leader

Women In Power Series: Vanessa Yanez, World Wide Head of Print Communications at HP, shares valuable insights on business leadership. Read More

Murphy Brown 3shirts in the wind

Murphy’s Not Falling For It — The Gang Covers a Cold Case

The only thing worse than being in a coma for ten years? Waking up in 2018. Brooke Shields makes a guest appearance on this week’s Murphy Brown as Holly, a woman waking up to Trump’s America. Read More


MyOeno Scans Your Wine for a Simplified Selection

The average American consumes nearly 3 gallons of wine per year, and a new device from France is revamping how Americans choose its wine by delivering enology to the smartphone.
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Murphy Brown May Bridge the Generation Gap — This Week at a Gala

The “Murphy in the Morning” gang is headed to a gala to celebrate a lifetime of achievement for original cast member Jim Dial, and Murphy’s “worst ever” secretary (Bette Midler) makes a re-appearance at the top of this episode, now an heiress who has inherited ownership of the network. Read More

julie skintie

Skintie Creates Sustainably-Produced Fashion that Embraces Tech

San Francisco startup bridges gap between fashion and technology with SmartTie, a connected tie, and eco-friendly fabric.

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“Results May Vary” Predicts and Depicts the Chaos of the Upcoming Midterm Election

Political Ads Aren’t the Only Place on TV to Focus on the Midterms. This Week, Murphy Brown Anticipates the Media Madness Surrounding the Upcoming United States Midterm Elections Read More