MyOeno Scans Your Wine for a Simplified Selection

The average American consumes nearly 3 gallons of wine per year, and a new device from France is revamping how Americans choose its wine by delivering enology to the smartphone.

If you think wine tasting means having to take a trip to Napa or Santa Barbara, turn on your smartphone instead because you can test your wine after a quick scan with MyOeno. With MyOneo Scan, wine tasting is now available via the MyOeno app to share the properties of wine, sending the scan results to your smartphone in both English and French.

Informative and Simple

MyOeno was created to improve wine tasting experiences and be the perfect addition to an auspicious date or an evening get-together. MyOeno, co-founded in 2018 in the French Alps by Bastien Guillebastre, Ph.D. and Fabien Munoz, scans and transmits assessments of wine to your smartphone all after a quick splash in the glass. These assessments include strength, tannin content, acidity, and maturity of the wine. The MyOeno Scan analyzes the absorption rates of wavelengths its scanner emits to spot enological qualities within the wine, and it asks wine drinkers to rate their preferences to construct an algorithm that fits their biases. It’s the tour of napa minus the lengthy travel procedures.

Bastien Guillebastre and Fabien Munoz, founder of MyOeno.

“Wine tasting is often a bonding activity for couples and friends. We wanted to create a product that increases the accessibility of enological education to more people, making the experience of drinking wine easier for people. MyOeno is all about learning and having fun. It’s a great way to bond with a partner, learn from its scans, and enhance one’s knowledge of something that is often only available to the upper class,” explained Munoz in an exclusive interview with the Scope Weekly.

Never Purchase a Mistake Again

Wine tasting itself is time-consuming, and nothing is worse than running out of your favorite bottle. MyOeno does more than share properties of wine; it suggests other wines that suit your palate in wine. It even suggests organic alternatives to your favorite wines for the health conscious. For the vegan wine drinkers, it’s coming up soon. MyOeno app remembers what you like and dislike about the various wines you taste after scanning, informing you what you’ll want before your next first sip. With MyOeno, wine lovers flourish in their understandings of wine and save themselves from future disappointments.

“Wine is something that unites us, and I’m hoping to expand enological education for greater appreciation and experiences of the culture and art that is wine. What I’m most excited about for MyOeno is that my passions for technology and people are merged into something that many people can use with their friends, families, and partners to learn about and experience wine socially and intelligently,” said MyOeno Co-Founder Bastien Guillebastre.

The scanner can be purchased on Amazon and the company website. At this moment the wine scanner is offered at a lower cost on Amazon.

  • Identify all styles of red wines
  • Define your favorite styles
  • Find similar wines easily
  • Download the free app for Android or iOS
Price: $65.00 FREE ShippingDetails

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