Skintie Creates Sustainably-Produced Fashion that Embraces Tech

San Francisco startup bridges gap between fashion and technology with SmartTie, a connected tie, and eco-friendly fabric.

Skintie Creates Sustainably-Produced Fashion and with SmartTie bridges the gap between fashion and technology

Hold off on grabbing your gym bag, this new fashion technology extends beyond fitness for casual and formal attire. Your wardrobe is about to be transformed with an app and a unisex-fashioned silk tie, keeping you connected to your new friends and dates by exchanging your contact information through the scan of a tie.

Forward-Smart & Social

The tie previously displayed patriarchy, a fashion staple only for men. Now, it’s representing inclusivity and the future in the SmarTie. The SmarTie works in conjunction with an app by sharing contact information on chip transmitters to make social networking easy in an eco-friendly fashion. Behind it, all is a San Francisco-based Fashion-Tech startup, SkinTie, and the SmarTie was created to inspire positive fashion trends, particularly gender inclusivity and eco-friendly production.

Made out of sustainable collagen from fish scales, the SmarTie is a passion project by SkinTie’s founder and CEO Christophe Schuhmann. His deep admiration for the environment and interest in popular culture is what inspired him to establish SkinTie, his eighth company.

“Millennials and Generation Z, they have different values,” explained Christophe in an exclusive interview with The Scope Weekly.”

Christophe said,

They want fashion that’s meaningful and good for not only themselves but for society, which is why SkinTie products use zero hazardous materials.

SkinTie products also protect against UV rays and are the first in their kind, transversing social norms and the different worlds of fashion and technology.

Tech and Fashion continue to make strides

Smart clothing can expand our network of friends? SmarTie is an accessory for the social. The contact information, photos, and messages of a user’s choosing are selected through SmarTie’s connected app. This transmission process protects the wearer’s sensitive data by only sharing what the wearer is comfortable with.

Connects and Open Doors

SmarTie hopes to differentiate itself from the multitude of fitness-wear products that have tech integrations, as seen in shirts and watches over the past few years. This tie fits everyday and formal dress events for networking. It can be worn at corporate events, clubs, and parties. Wearers can choose whatever information they’d like to input into the scanner, making it the perfect key to any party.

Upcoming event in San Francisco

Let’s Party – 721 Lounge in San Francisco – Nov 10


SmarTie press conference

VIP reception

Theater fashion show

S.T.A.R Awards


Dance Party until 1:30 am

Ulyly Swimwear

Atelier Emmanuel

Velocity Circus

Fashion for the Future

The SmarTie’s materials are one hundred percent biodegradable. Produced out of San Francisco, it’s manufactured without traditional materials. Traditional fashion materials cause environmental impacts that often go unseen behind familiar labels, beautiful designs, and savvy marketing. Mass production of commonly used materials, such as cotton and polyester, contribute to excessive water usage and leave behind massive carbon footprints in their production processes. This negative utilization of the Earth’s natural resources inspired the eco-friendly production of the SmartTie to create a social solution, to the fashion industry’s issues, bridging the gap between fashion and technology.

Tech creates an opportunity to fix the social and environmental issues in fashion to make fashion social and for the environment. My hope is to continue this movement in fashion and expand into all parts of clothing for every gender expression.

“Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and can be an extension of who you are,” said Christophe to The Scope Weekly. 

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