Brandon’s 2018 Holiday Gift Picks: Top 6 Choices for $50 and Up

The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Chose a Mini Action Camera, Lap Desk, Virtual Assistant Service, a Stylish USB charging option, the BrüMate drinkware collection and the Amazon Firestick.

From Technical to Practical, This is the Gift Guide for You

For most people, the holidays are hard on waistlines and wallets. Yet the act of giving makes the hardships of life worthwhile and reveals that the areas of most importance are actually intrinsic. I’m excited to present this year’s gift guide with confidence that these ideas will create heartwarming memories that keep the Christmas spirit alive.

Gift Guide Pick #1: Polaroid Cube 

This Polaroid lifestyle action camera may be small but boy do it pack a punch. Stretching a mere cubic inch in diameter, the cube can stick to virtually any surface and record for hours with ease. The 1440P HD camera with its 124° wide-angle lens captures even the most difficult shots with weatherproof durability. It’s built in wifi makes streaming via Facebook a breeze allowing users to connect, share and even print from their mobile device. The cube’s internal battery enables 110 minutes of continuous recording per charge which is perfect for vloggers, extreme sports fanatics, or even the adventurous family man who’s fed up with hauling around clunky camera equipment. This modern tool with its vintage feel is in the $150 range and can be viewed here. 

Gift Guide Pick #2: LapGear Home Office Pro Lap Desk

This portable desk is ideal for students, entrepreneurs and pretty much anyone that uses a laptop. The plush surface of polyester and linen fabric are supported by dual-bolster pillows that adapt to your lap. The main section of the desk can fit up to a 17-inch laptop with ergonomic wrist pads to prevent even the slightest discomfort and hold your comp in place. There’s a mouse pad with a phone slot to prop up your mobile device to stream, chat and save desk space. The Lap Desk also provides insulation to keep you and your laptop cool. The handle on top makes it simple to transport like a traditional briefcase. They have some available on Amazon for only $49.99. 

Gift Guide Pick #3: Fancy Hands Virtual Assistant Service

Okay, this may be a personal favorite but allow me to explain why. Managing your own business can be tedious, cumbersome and even overwhelming. It’s nearly impossible to do everything yourself which is why virtual assistants are so conveniently valuable. Fancy Hands is a platform that offers US-based assistants to complete your tasks during any time of the day 24/7. No more last minute phone calls, emails or research. Just pass it off to one of Fancy Hand’s reliable assistants while you focus on the more pertinent objectives. Perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who need a little more wiggle room in their daily itineraries. Fancy Hands is an online service ranging from $29.99-$200 per month.

Gift Guide Pick #4: Leather Tassel Lightning Charging Cable

If you happen to know any women that would prefer a more organized and stylish method to charging their iOS devices, the Casetify Leather Tassel is a must have. Its cute design appears to be like any other tassel but conceals an 18cm 2.4A charging cable that can be easily clipped onto any bag, purse or luggage. It comes in 4 different colors to choose from noir (black), rosa (pink), milk (white), and sand (brown). Check out the selection available on their site for $60.00 each.

Gift Guide Pick #5: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Many of us know that broadcast television only offers so much compared to the complexity of alternative media. The Amazon Fire Stick 4k supplies over 500,000 movies and sitcom episodes from favorites such as Netflix, Hulu, Showtime and more. It’s also packed with apps from popular choices like YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit. Of course, the device comes with a built-in Alexa OS with voice-activated prompts which is so much easier than typing out your searches manually. In addition, Alexa’s artificial intelligence unlocks other features such as viewing live camera feeds and dimming the lights of your home for that authentic theater feel. It’s 4K Ultra HD quality along with its comprehensive set of streaming abilities makes the price tag of $49.99 well worth the investment.

Gift Guide Pick #6: BrüMate  Gift Set

BrüMate provides an eco-friendly yet fashionable gift set for the wine/alcohol connoisseur.  The Winesesulator is an insulated bottle that keeps your wine at the ideal temperature. It includes two 14oz glasses for your drinking pleasure.  There is also the Hopsulator which has their niche in beer instead of wine and the Nor’s for the whiskey lover. Whether hot or cold, it’s designed to keep your beverages at the perfect level for any occasion. Check out the different options and colors available on their site starting at $69.99


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this year’s gift guide and received nourishing food for thought on what to give your loved ones this holiday season. I also have a gift guide on tech items from 2017 $20.00 and up that you may find useful.

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