Brandon’s Top 3 Crowdfunding Picks for December 2018

The world's smallest space cam, travel adapter and construction of President Trump's defense wall.

Crowdfunding Pick #1: Kickstarter’s TinyMOS Astronomy Camera

Signapore-based TinyMOS has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring their newest and most discrete star camera to the market. Stamped with the title NANO1, it is an improvement of their debut Tiny1 astronomy cam back in 2016. It’s still the same concept but smaller with even bigger features. It’s lightweight design is less than 4 ounces and able to absorb light at 25x intensity when in prime focus. TinyMOS also has patented noise-reduction technology for greater depth and clarity providing your audience with a truly out of world experience. Utilizing augmented reality (AR), NANO1 helps you navigate and identify the cosmos through optimized image settings with your smartphone. The company plans to retail the device for $449 and so far, have raised $77,626 of their $87,304 goal with 26 days left for crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding Pick #2: IndieGogo’s Global Travel Adaptor ‘Evo’

Not all outlets are created equal and because of this, travelers constantly swap out power cables based on the region they’re visiting. Chinese-based MicroNovelty is crowdfunding the first pocket size travel adapter named Evo compatible in over 150 countries. This means regardless of where you end up on the map, your devices will never be left uncharged. Users can power up a max of 2 devices using lightning, MicroUSB, and Type-C. In attempts to resolve common issues associated with similar adaptors, Evo is much more compact with a higher power quality. In fact, it has a built-in power protection system to maintain its vitality without overheating, getting too cold or catching on fire. Starting at just $19 MSRP, MicroNovelty has crowdfunded over 800% of their $1,000 flexible goal and still have 30 days remaining in the campaign.

Crowdfunding Pick #3: Gofundme’s We The People Will Fund the Wall. What happened to Mexico building the wall?

One of the most controversial crowdfunding campaigns of the century, the proposed construction of a wall along the US-Mexican borders is officially underway. US Air Force Retiree, Brian Kolfage, who lost 3 limbs during the Iraq War launched this initiative with the intent of “making America safe again.” This campaign is now smack dab in the middle of a political debate that has grown so heated, it prompted President Trump to shut down government on Saturday. Hoping this will force Democrats to support the wall, the president has taken drastic measures that will affect nearly one-quarter of government. It’s interesting to note that this move is now in the works after repeatedly assuring the American public that Mexico would pay for the wall. It appears that things have not been going according to Trump’s plan. Critics claim the president will not receive enough support to fund the wall which is why Kolfage turned to crowdfunding urging others to donate and sign the petition. It has already received $15,021,165 of it’s $1 billion goal in the last 5 days.

2018 was a significant year and December’s choices reflect the continual innovation and practicality of these platforms. Crowdfunding is leaving no industry inaccessible and provides solutions that will continue to flourish for years to come. Make sure to drop a note and let us know your thoughts and check out last month’s picks if you missed it.

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