Brandon’s Top 3 Crowdfunding Campaigns for January 2019

Hercules SEZC, a decentralized supply blockchain, Nano Pods affordable earbuds, and Direct Impact Fund, a government shutdown relief.

Birthed By Blockchain Gods: Hercules SEZC

Blockchain and crowdfunding has had a tragically fabulous relationship over the years. The technology continues to transform key issues that have existed in the workplace for decades such as high operational costs and inventory management. Billions of dollars have been invested in its concept giving the equity-based crowdfunding site, Crowdfunder, a platform to build on.

The HERC (Helping Eradicate Racketeering & Collusion) tokens by Hercules SEZC use a decentralized supply chain for business owners. Cutting nearly 100% in costs when compared to standard software such as IBM Hyperledger, Hercules not only safeguards your corporate identity but streamlines common business hazards affordably and effectively.

It’s designed to verify the authenticity of your product/brand by using tokens to add a block to their supply chain. This will reserve a traceable position in the apparatus with a personalized description of the entity. There was $3.3 million since the pre-launch in March 2017. The Hercules Blockchain Protocol has raised $3,702,500 of their $10 million goal with 258 days of crowdfunding left.

Crowdfunding Quality Earbuds at a Low Price: Nano Pods

Sure, there are plenty of affordable earbuds on the market but how many endure the test of time and deliver superior sound quality? LA-based startup, Unick, is crowdfunding the world’s most cost and quality effective earbuds on IndieGogo.

Their own ‘Nano Pods‘ has an ergonomic design and graphene technology with 25 hours of playtime.

Equipped with the newest Bluetooth 5.0, voice control, sweat proof material and ‘simple touch’ to accept/reject calls, these earbuds come with all of the bells and whistles starting at only $29. Unick initially wanted $5,000 but has raised over $50,000 with still 22 days left in their crowdfunding campaign.

Nano Pods
Nano Pods

Could Crowdfunding Have Ended the Government Shutdown?

The nation’s Capitol own Direct Impact Fund launched 11 days ago to provide support for over 800,000 government employees across the country with food, shelter and other assistance. Leading humanitarian, author and speaker, Deepak Chopra and GoFundme joined forces to create this relief fund with the end goal of $500,000.

Donations are being distributed to various charities with missions to relieve those impacted by the shutdown. Some organizations that received funding were the National Diaper Bank Network and DC’s World Central Kitchen offering free meals for federal workers.

Although the shutdown ended before campaign’s closing, kudos to over 6,000 donors who selflessly offered their capital to the workers on Capitol Hill. In less than 2 weeks, $470,266 were raised in this crowdfunding campaign.

These campaigns were quite the way for 2019 to break the ice. Which one are you most in support of? Drop us a note and let us know your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you. If you missed December’s top crowdfunding picks, check them out here.

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