In “Love Galore”, It’s Zoey’s Pride Versus Her Paramore

Zoey and Luca's relationship is on solid ground, until a surprise visit pits the pair against each other again.

Grown-ish Episodes S02 E06 · Love Galore Recap – Zoey (Yara Shahidi) is having second thoughts about dropping her design class when she finds out that Michelle Obama will be dropping by to observe the group’s work. She finds it hard to be supportive, especially when Luca (Luka Sabbat) leans into the less flattering aspects of his moody genius artist persona.

“So you’re just regretting dropping your class because of a missed chance for notoriety?” Nomi (Emily Arlook) questions, leading Zoey to wonder if it’s time put her ego aside and stand by her man, just like Michelle did for Barack. Instead, she visits new Dean of Students Charlie (Deon Cole) to try and get back into the class.

Meanwhile the twins are frustrated with the sexualizing of female athletes on campus. “I want to be recognized for my athletic ability,” Sky (Halle Bailey) tells Jazz (Chloe Bailey), “not my perfect body.” But it’s too hard to ignore the power that a solid personal brand on social media provides. From sponsorships by big brands to spectators at big games, Jazz is convinced that influencer status is the next important step for the twins.

When Zoey is unsuccessful in rejoining the design class, she instead does her best to play the supportive girlfriend. But her comments about playing to the former First Lady’s tastes are dismissed by Luca, who accuses Zoey of encouraging him to pander to his audience. “I’m not giving people what they want,” he blusters, “I’m giving them what they need.” Zoey’s advice is more practice and marketing-minded, areas Luca does not care about. It actually seems that their skills complement eachother — Luca’s design matched with Zoey’s knack for styling and marketing could create a powerful brand. Unless the couple’s competitiveness tears them apart.

“Zuca” is at their best when Zoey’s boyfriend doesn’t make her feel inadequate. But it’s impossible for Zoey to avoid feeling lesser-than when standing beside a guy whose talents she envies. It takes Luca acknowledging her contributions to the styling of his ensemble to make Zoey feel okay. And an autograph from Michelle Obama helps too!

Grown-ish continues its 13 episode season Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Freeform.

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Photo and video credit: Freeform

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