Month: February 2019


Zoey Pushes the Limits in “Wild’n Cuz I’m Young” This Week’s Episode of Grown-ish

Zoey struggles to focus on finals at the semester, and the season, draw to a close. Read More

white hibiscus

Product Review: Burt’s Bees Renewal Product Line Keeps its Promises

White hibiscus and Apple rejuvenating complex smooth fines lines and firms up the skin. Read More

South by southwest Photo by Judy Won

SXSW 2019 Addresses Digital Distrust

SXSW 2019 unites tech, business, and entertainment to inspire innovation and creativity Read More

The Ghosts of Exes Past Haunt Grown-ish

Zoey’s jealous drives her to find out a little too much about Luca’s past relationships. Read More

Celebrate International Polar Bear Day

Ten reasons that prove polar bears are absolute arctic royalty and need our protection. Read More

Personal Finance Survey Reports 40 Million Americans Expect to Miss a Credit Card Due Date in 2019

WalletHub, a personal finance company best known for recommending credit cards based on consumers’ creditworthiness and financial identity, released a survey with disheartening and surprising numbers. The report states that about  16 percent of adults in the United States, that’s 40 million,  expect to miss at least credit card payment due date in 2019.  The Read More

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Encouraging Creativity in Your Team: Three Do’s and Don’t

Promoting creativity in a corporate environment is good for business but far from obvious. Here are do’s and don’t to spark your creative mind. Read More

GROWN-ISH -YARA SHAHIDI (Freeform/Tony Rivetti)

Zoey Takes Her First Steps into Styling

Zoey starts to build her portfolio as a stylist by working on a new look for the twins. Read More

cannacell hemp stem cells skincare

Say Good Bye Dry Winter Skin with Hemp Stem Cells

Product review: Hemp stem cells may be the solution to dry and flaky winter skins. Read More

virtual currency

Cryptocurrency Fraudster Sentenced

Virtual Currency Scam Defrauded Investors of Millions

Read More

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