Celebrate International Polar Bear Day

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Ten reasons that prove polar bears are absolute arctic royalty and need our protection.

Even though Feb. 27  is officially International Polar Bear Day, Natural Habitat Adventures and not-for-profit environmental group World Wide Fund (WWF) connects travelers with this Arctic icon every day each October and November in Churchill, Manitoba as part of its signature Polar Bear Adventures. Alongside expert naturalist Expedition Leaders, guests can get up close and personal with the North’s biggest carnivore by way of Nat Hab’s custom-built Polar Rovers. Or, choose to stay at the private Tundra Lodge for an immersion in the bears’ realm around the clock.

In honor of International Polar Bear Day, and using photographs taken by both guests and guides on actual Nat Hab trips, here are 10 reasons why we should all be worshiping the almighty Kings and Queens of the Arctic on Feb. 27:

1. Polar bears have zero shame about letting it all hang out.

polar bear tongue sticking out
Habitat Adventures

2. Their “I am curious” face is indistinguishable from their “I want to eat you” face, and you’ve got to respect that (hint: it’s always about eating you).

3. Even from the comfort and safety of a Polar Rover, their mere presence commands space and respect.

Credit: Nicholas Smeed

4. They’re loud and proud champions of single parents everywhere.

5. They’re completely adorable – even between bath days.

6. The polar ice caps are melting, and that’s really emotional for them, so they need your support.

Credit: Colin McNulty

7. They’re so soft and snuggly, they can’t even resist each other.

Credit: Diane Lewis

8. These abominable snow bears have indomitable spirits.

Credit: Jeffrey Lazo

9. No other mammal gets this excited about freshly fallen snow.

Credit: Colby Brokvist

10. Even though their habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate, they still find things to laugh about.


For more information about polar bears and  Natural Habitat Adventures, visit www.nathab.com.

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