The Ghosts of Exes Past Haunt Grown-ish

Zoey's jealous drives her to find out a little too much about Luca's past relationships.

The ghosts of exes past haunt season two, episode 9 of Grown-ish, “Body Count”.

Luca (Luka Sabbat) — apparently a multidisciplinary artist — is showcasing some of his paintings at a CalU arts fair. When Zoey (Yara Shahidi) shows up to show her support, she’s troubled to discover one of his pieces is an intimate portrait of his ex-girlfriend in bed.  Zoey, always extra, becomes extremely jealous. Zoey’s sense of inadequacy has become a hallmark of her relationship with Luca — from fashion design to past flings, she can’t stop comparing herself to him and his exes.

While Ana (Francia Raisa) and Aaron (Trevor Jackson) wander the fair debating the impact of disclosing their currently clandestine relationship to their friend group, Nomi (Emily Arlook) goes to an LGBTQ+ art salon and feels out of place. Her classmates at the exhibit bear their souls through their coming out stories. Nomi, not having one of her own, feels out of place.

Back at the other tent, Zoey discovers another harrowing connection between Luca and his ex — they have matching tattoos! She immediately tells Ana who not-so-helpfully suggests that Zoey stalk his ex’s Instagram to search for any post-breakup communications they may have had.

Unfortunately, during Zoey’s search for incriminating evidence, she accidentally likes a very old Instagram post, and Luca calls out her cyberstalking. Zoey asks Luca point-blank to tell her about his past relationships, and when Luca replies with his “body count”, AKA the number of people he has slept with, Zoey does not like the answer

Nomi reaches out to one of her professors about her feelings at the queer art exhibit, and her professor commiserates. She asks the professor for a crash course in quality queer art, and the two send some increasingly coy texts, culminating in a very flirtatious song recommendation and a request by the professor for Nomi to call her.

Zoey comes home frustrated and tells Ana her “deep dive” didn’t help. Ana points out that Zoey still hangs out with Aaron, but Zoey dismisses this since “they never loved each other and only hooked up once. This realization peps Ana up — perhaps her relationship with Aaron might not bother Zoey so much after all.

Zoey finally admits that Luca did nothing wrong to lose her trust but now she has more questions than ever due to her own insecurity.

Luca finally comes back and explains to Zoey that he processes his baggage with art and if she processes hers through questions, “ask away.”  Zoey considers this but ultimately decides not to ask any questions and they embrace.

Elsewhere, the other girls are up to some mischief. Nomi is laughing over the phone with her professor and agrees to meet up with her later while Ana goes to Aaron’s to talk and ends up spending the night. 

Grown-ish continues its episode 10, second season Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Freeform. Season 3 has been confirmed by Freeform.

Missed last week’s episode? Catch up here.

Photo and video credit: Freeform

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