What Will The Consequences Be For Zoey’s Cheating?

After cheating on her Chemistry final, Zoey faces the consequences of her actions.

In Season Two Episode 11 of Grown-ish, Zoey (Yara Shahidi) faces the consequences of cheating on her Chemistry final.

Zoey’s conscious is heavy after cheating on her chemistry final, exacerbated by the impending Parents Weekend (this episode marks Anthony Anderson and Lawrence Fishburne’s debut on the Black-ish spin-off). Faced with potential expulsion, she opens up to her friends about how much they mean to her over a tequila shot.


Zoey’s academic integrity hearing is overseen by a cadre of school officials, including Dean Charlie (Deon Cole), before he recuses himself for mysterious reasons. Alongside the real academic panel is the imagined specter of her father. The officials presiding over the hearing eventually morph into the faces of her friends, advising her to lie and say “I do not recall.” But, the final moments, Zoey admits the truth. “I cheated”. It’s true integrity — the ability to admit she did something wrong — that ultimately save her from a tougher punishment.

Elsewhere, Jazz (Chloe Bailey) and Skye’s (Halle Bailey) parents are skipping the weekend, as are Aaron’s (Trevor Jackson) and Vivek’s (Jordan Buhat). Aaron is feeling neglected by his parents, who didn’t even help him move in to college. Meanwhile Nomi’s (Emily Arlook) family is there, and she finally admits to them that she has been dating women. But when she turns to her hot professor for some praise, she discovers the Prof has another young co-ed in her living room.

While the University’s punishment for for Zoey is simply academic probation and repeating the class, her Dad and grandfather show up angry. It turns out that Charlie ratted Zoey out to her family. “If you’re gonna cheat, Zoey, don’t get caught. That’s bush league,” Pops advises her, while reminding his own son Andre that he too did a little cribbing to get by at Howard. Overall, they’re going pretty easy on her. Until Luka (Luca Sabbat) emerges from the bedroom.

“I realize that I’ve made your life too easy for you,” Andre tells her. “I’m done.” And with that, he cuts her off. If Zoey wants to stay at Cal U, she’ll have to pay her own way going forward. It’s a fascinating choice for Grown-ish to make. Zoey’s class privilege has always made her college experience cushier than most. Without an unlimited budget for drinks, fun, and fashion, how will Zoey keep up with her friend group?

Grown-ish continues its second season Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Freeform. Season 3 has been confirmed by Freeform.

Missed last week’s episode? Catch up here.

Photo and video credit: Freeform

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