Month: May 2019

Fosse/Verdon Leaves Us Craving More

In the final episode of Fosse/Verdon, Fosse’s career, and life, come to an end. Read More

Product Review: Interested in PC Gaming? Scope Weekly Reviews 5 Gaming PCs on the Market Now

If you’re looking to start taking PC gaming more seriously, you’re just getting started or you need an update, you need to take a look at these games. Read More

Good News for Who, in Episode Seven of Fosse/Verdon

Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon finally open Chicago, to mixed reviews that challenge their already fractured relationship. Read More

“All I Care About Is Love,” Fosse/Verdon Episode 6

In the sixth episode of FX’s explosive Fosse/Verdon, Bob Fosse’s vices continue to catch up with him, culminating in a threatening cardiac event on the first day of rehearsal for Chicago. Read More

Happy Yet? Fosse/Verdon Episode Four, “Glory” FX Network

Bob Fosse learns that success cannot bring happiness in episode four of Fosse/Verdon, “Glory”. Read More