Are Solar Panels Worth The Money?

A look at the pros and cons of installing residential solar panels.

If you live in California or one of the other sunny US states, you might have noticed that many of the homes in this area have solar panels. Whether it is solar power in Vacaville or solar power in Burbank, CA is full of homes really taking a stand against global warming.

The world is changing, and we all need to be playing our part in protecting it and trying to reverse the effects of global warming. Whether we are recycling more or adding solar panels to our homes, every little helps. Many people around the world are ignoring the problem while others are campaigning to make a real difference – which of these types of people are you?

Solar panels are a great investment, but many people are put off the initial price of installation and the products themselves. They can set you back thousands of dollars in the initial stages and this can be quite overwhelming. For this reason, we thought we’d take a look at the cost of these panels and the benefits of adding them to your home. Make sure to keep reading to find out if we think that solar panels are worth the money.

What Are Solar Panels?

If you have never heard of solar panels before then you might be wondering what we are talking about. Essentially, these panels are a source of energy that can fill your home with light and heating. Solar panels use the sun to create energy and this can be very powerful if there is enough sun over time. The radiation from the sun works with the technology to power a building and this is something which is really quite incredible.

Solar panels are usually installed on the roofs of homes in order to be closer to the direct sunlight. Of course, they can also be placed outside of the home if this is more suitable for the kind of building. Solar energy has been around for many years and now it is becoming a much more popular choice for people across the USA.

There are many companies in CA that offer solar panel installation across the various cities in order to keep up with the demand. Make sure to shop around and find the right one for you if this is something which you are considering.

Why Do We Use Them?

There are many reasons why we use solar panels in 2019 with the most important reason being that they can have a positive impact on the environment. The world as we know it is changing and has bee for some time. Scientists have already stated that we might have damaged the earth so much with the pollution that it cannot be undone. Of course, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t doing what they can to make some changes and hopefully slow down global warming.

Global warming affects the world in a variety of different ways, and it is having an effect on both our environment and the animals and humans that live on earth. The different temperatures are causing the glaciers to melt which is having a direct result on the sea levels. Animals are moving around the world to deal with the changing temperatures and this is causing issues for farmers and their crops.

While global warming is the main reason to use solar panels, we must also consider the fact that our fossil fuels are being used at a very fast rate. This is why many people have opted for renewable energy over the years in order to prolong the fossil fuels that we have and need to survive.

Solar panels are very important and solar energy is vital to keeping our planet running. This is why many people across the world are using solar panels and you should consider having them installed in your home. Without the invention of these panels, we might be in a worse off state.

Are They Expensive?

When considering whether solar panels are worth the money or not, it is important to look at the cost of these panels. Firstly, we should say that the cost of solar panels Vacaville and other CA cities will depend on how many panels you get and the type. While some homes will require around twelve panels, others will be fine to function with four.

Solar panels are not cheap and the best solar panel installation in Vacaville and other cities will cost you thousands of dollars. This year, the average cost for a system in the USA is $12,810 but this is not the same across the board. It is important that you choose a company that is going to offer you great products and customer service that you can trust. You must not choose a company that has prices that are dramatically lower than the others in the area as this could be a red flag that they cannot be trusted.

Another thing to consider when looking at the cost of solar panel installation in Vacaville and other cities is a tax credit. The government offers solar tax credit Vacaville wide which means that you can receive a discount. This is because they are committed to making a difference and want to encourage families to try using solar energy. You can find out more information about this online and from the companies that are selling these panels so make sure to do this in order to get the most for your money.

If you are thinking about paying for some solar panels then make sure to do it as soon as possible. For more information on solar panels look on the Sempersolaris site and you should be able to find what you are looking for.

Benefits of Solar Panels

If you still aren’t convinced that solar panels are worth the money, then you will be happy to hear that we are going to tell you about some of the benefits. Firstly, solar panels are a renewable energy source which means that they are much better for the environment. We need all of the renewable energy that we can get in 2019 and this is why solar panels are so useful. When you are generating your own energy from the sun, you can be happy to know that you are helping save the environment by running off a renewable energy source.

Another benefit of solar panels and having these in your home is one that settles the mind of those who are concerned about the initial cost. Solar panels involve you generating your own energy which means that you won’t be using the energy from another company. This can mean that your energy bills will drop by a lot and this will save you more money in the long run. Interestingly, if you generate more energy than you need, you can put it back into the grid and actually make some money or store it there for later use. This can be especially helpful if you are going to experience a winter without much sun.

When it comes to solar panels, you should also know that very little maintenance is required. Of course, you will want to make sure that they stay in good condition over time in order to get the most for your money, but this won’t cost you too much. In fact, many manufacturers offer warranties which will protect you for many years and ensure that you don’t need to spend a lot of money maintaining your solar panels. As long as you are willing to keep your solar panels clean, you should find that they last a long time. If there are any adverse weather conditions, then we suggest that you try to protect them as much as you can.

Finally, you will find that solar panels actually have many diverse applications which you can rely on. Whether you are generating heat or electricity, or you are distilling water with solar energy, these panels can come in handy. Many different companies use solar energy that comes from solar panels, so this is something to consider. This is what has helped them to become so popular over the years and it is definitely something which you should think about.

Drawbacks of Solar Panels

It wouldn’t be fair to discuss the cost of solar panels without looking at some of the drawbacks of using this kind of energy source. Of course, the first drawback is the cost which will set you back a lot of money in the short-term. If you don’t have a lot of savings, then you might not be able to find the money to pay for the full system that you need, and this is something to consider.

Another drawback is that these kinds of panels are weather dependent and so if you are not living somewhere like California that has plenty of sun year-round then you might struggle to generate enough energy. Although, it is important that you know that you can store energy and use this at other times in the year and this can help you get through the winter. Make sure to consider your location carefully before committing to solar energy for your home.

Finally, you will find that solar panels on your property can take up a lot of space. If you are planning on having them on your roof, then this will likely cover the entire roof and potentially cause an eyesore for you. However, solar panels can be shiny in the sun and actually add something new to the property. If you are having standalone solar panels then this will take up even more room than you would expect. This might take away some of your gardens so make sure to consider this.

Are They Worth It?

There are many reasons why solar panels are worth the initial cost that makes them the right choice for many families. If you have the cash to spend on the solar panels in the first place, then you will find that the investment will work out well in the future. Over time, you will see a reduced energy bill each month and this will all add up. You might even be able to get some money back if you generate more energy than your family needs. For this reason, solar panels are definitely worth the initial cost, as long as it is a reasonable one.

You should also consider the impact on the environment when evaluating the value of solar panels. If you can reduce your carbon footprint by generating your own energy and using fewer fossil fuels, then you will find that it is worth the money. While we don’t see a payback for doing our bit for the environment, we can see that it is worth our time when we make a difference.  If you are someone who is concerned with saving the environment, then you will be able to understand that solar energy and solar panels are worth the cost.

Final Verdict

Many people hear about the benefits of having solar panels installed on their property, but few go through with actually getting it done because of the price. If the price is something which is concerning, you then you should remember that you will save this money in the future. Of course, this is only useful for those who can invest in this kind of thing, so this is important to consider.

If you live somewhere like California that is filled with sun year-round then you will find that this kind of investment is definitely worth the money. You can get a tax credit to reduce the price and do your bit for the environment at the same time.

Make sure to consider everything that we have discussed in this article when thinking about investing in solar panels. If you do decide to go ahead with it, you will realize just how important this investment was in a few years’ time.


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