Photoshoot – Tab Benoit and The Whiskey Bayou Comes to Ashville

Venue Grey Eagle… Tab Benoit and his Whiskey Bayou Revue deliver a hot blues performance.

Venue “ Grey Eagle”… Tab Benoit and his Whiskey Bayou Revue deliver a hot blues performance.

Tab Benoit is genuinely a blues renaissance man with his label and recording studio and his vision of what real music is. To paraphrase, Tab Benoit, “Music shouldn’t be perfect, it’s raw, human emotion, and I hope that we can keep that side alive.” If there were any doubters before his set, we would say they came out convinced. Utilizing merely a Fender Thinline Telecaster and a Class 5 amplifier, the message delivered was loud and clear. Tab Benoit is a force to be reckoned with as he ripped through a diverse set, which included a rousing rendition of Night train, Shelter Me, Medicine, etc. throughout the evening. 

Opening act J.P. Soars delivered a blistering set accompanied on drums by Tab Benoit. Showcasing J.P’s unique blues skills and style, including playing a two-string electric guitar and tracks from his latest album Let Go of the Reins produced by Tab Benoit. 

Tab Benoit came in at number 9, according to Guitar World magazine, as one of the world’s top ten blues guitarists in the company of such great blues artists as Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton et al. 

Venue: Grey Eagle.

Date: December 19, 2019

Photoshoot by Leslie Paul Farkas

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By Leslie Paul Farkas

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