Fan Pass Sets Music Fans Ablaze with Successful Live Stream Launch Event

Friendable, Inc. (OTC: FDBL) is proud to report its Fan Pass launch event, held on July 24, 2020, exceeded the Company’s expectations and was a huge success for all involved. The Fan Pass platform provided a virtual stage and hosted live stream performances that were headlined by some of the music industry’s most talented artists ranging from Grammy award-winning producers to international DJs and even rising hip hop stars.  The Fan Pass team successfully launched the event which showcased the platform’s high-quality streaming capabilities, along with other unique aspects of the Company’s business model, including the turn-key service of providing every artist an exclusive Fan Pass channel, custom merchandise, storefront, Go Live Streaming and monetization tools, Instagram & social ad creatives, and adding additional revenue opportunities for the artists.


According to the Company’s management, the event outperformed the goals set for Fan Pass, achieving much more.  Fan Pass was able to secure over 10 hours of EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, on-board 16 prominent artists; produce 16+ live content channels, custom merchandise, and live merchandise stores; create social media ads and promotional materials for 16+ artists; solidify relationships with artists and artist management; increase social media followers, content and activity by 500%; gain recognition from other Industry Labels; increase press coverage landing a radio interview with iHeart Radio; and, create more sponsorship opportunities.


Fan Pass had live streaming events from approximately 1:30 pm EST until roughly 11:00 pm EST on Friday, July 24, 2020, from four separate locations that included: an Atlanta, GA Stage; New York, NY Penthouse; Los Angeles, CA Studio; and, a private venue located in Palm Beach, FL.


The event attracted die-hard music fans and social followers from across the globe in the following locations: the United States, Germany, Canada, India, United Republic of Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Netherlands, New Zealand, Finland, Tunisia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Kenya, Japan, Guatemala, Nigeria, Australia, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Turkey, Sweden, Italy, Poland, France, Rwanda, Haiti, Switzerland, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Uganda, Iraq, Indonesia, Jamaica, Senegal, Norway, Malaysia, Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Dominica, Greece, Guadeloupe, Saudi Arabia, Honduras, Qatar, Ireland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Mongolia, Kuwait, Guyana, Lebanon, Chile, Jordan, Taiwan, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Estonia, Colombia, Egypt, Iceland, China, Vietnam, Austria, Peru, Israel, Philippines, Bahamas, Fiji, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica.


“The Company emerges from this event having achieved our greatest milestone of capturing exclusive content that lives on the Fan Pass platform and continues to grow as a content-specific library for each artist. We now have over 10 hours of content that we can distribute, in different formats, to the fans. We believe these all-day streaming events create a truly unique live performance feel and experience for both the artist and their fanbase.  This launch event not only fulfilled our content capture goals but enabled our systems to be tested, secured, and showcased in our first public streaming event,” said Friendable CEO, Robert A. Rositano, Jr.


“We believe Fan Pass is redefining the artist-fan relationship by delivering a unique virtual experience that will be a very lucrative and profitable revenue-sharing model for both the artists and Fan Pass, as fans continue to be invited back for more.”


Rositano continued, “COVID-19 transformed many industries, especially the entertainment/music industry.  Audiences have gravitated toward live stream video through social media, virtual group meetings, and even get-togethers so fans have been acclimated to consume content digitally.  We’ve made the direct-to-consumer experience an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience for both artists and fans.


“The success of this launch proves the market recognizes the power of our livestreaming medium, Fan Pass. Stay tuned as we lay out our execution strategy and next steps. We have more events in the near future as we continue to expand and bridge the gap between artists and their fanbase through technology-driven solutions,” said Rositano.

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