Health & Human Behavior Expert Offers Advice to Reduce Stress In These Crazy Times

Dr. Alok Trivedi Points Out Plenty of Coping Mechanisms That Work Really Well

Are you feeling down or stressed? Having trouble dealing with the new world in which we are living? You are not alone! The good news, however, is that there are plenty of coping mechanisms you can try that will help you feel a lot better.


Dr. Alok Trivedi, health, human behavior, and national stress reduction expert and author of the book ‘Chasing Success’ and founder of the Aligned Performance Center told The Scope Weekly, “The outside world around us right now is pretty chaotic. The good news: there are some things we can all do to up our self-care game and help us feel better about ourselves and our situation no matter how down and stressed we might be feeling at this point,”. “Best of all, these are quick and simple tips you can incorporate into your daily routine.”

Dr. Alok Trivedi
Dr. Alok Trivedi

Many people have difficulty tuning out the outside world and the news of the day,” Dr. Trivedi said. Being informed is one thing; being obsessed is another. While you should have a basic understanding of current events and issues, know when enough is enough. Learn how to shut down the outside world and focus on what’s important to you.”


“It’s amazing when most people are having a bad day, they turn to outside forces to make themselves feel better,” Dr. Trivedi says. “You have to learn to be your own best friend and stop turning to external forces like comfort food, for example. While that can be okay at times, you need to be the one you turn to for comfort and support.”


“One of the greatest things everyone can do every day is spending a little time alone with themselves,” Dr. Trivedi says. “Maybe it’s finding a quiet spot, sitting in silence, taking a hot bath, and just blocking out everything around you. Focus on how great you are, how much you love yourself, how beautiful you are, and how good you feel.”


“It’s easy to dress down or spend all day in your PJs with all the time spent at home lately, but that’s not going to help you feel good about yourself,” Dr. Trivedi says. “Wear clothing that uplifts you, that you love and that reflects the person you are. It will have a direct impact on your self-esteem.”

“A great way to show yourself some love and reduce stress is to get busy in an activity that is special to you,” Dr. Trivedi says. “If it’s golf, hit the driving range. If it’s cooking, then get in the kitchen. Get involved in whatever it is your heart leads you to and notice how much better you feel.”


“Relationships are so important right now. Maybe you quarreled with your best friend. Perhaps it was a coworker who did you wrong. Whatever the case, be the bigger person and initiate a resolution and leave it behind you,” Dr. Trivedi says. “You’ll feel terrific about yourself and less stressed afterward, and holding grudges doesn’t do you any good.”


“Have sex! Yes, for real. There’s no better feeling in the world than a good orgasm,” Dr. Trivedi says. “It increases oxytocin, raises testosterone in men, relieves pain, reduces stress, and just feels good. If you’re not currently in a committed relationship, there’s no shame in pleasuring yourself.”  


Release your emotions. Holding in your feelings is terrible for self-care and emotional health,” Dr. Trivedi says. “Find a way to get things off your chest. If you’re a more private person, try journaling. If you have a best friend or other trustworthy people, talk about it. Consider professional help if it’s interfering with your daily activities.”

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