Powermove- Fitness App Powered by A.I. Analyzes Workout in Real-Time & Corrects Form

Powermove, an iOS app, leverages breakthroughs in A.I. to enable interactive home workouts while maintaining your privacy.

Powermove officially launched today and is already a recommended app on Product Hunt by Robleh Jama. Let’s find out why.

The Powermove App allows anyone to get real-time motivation and feedback while doing a home workout. The app uses breakthrough A.I. to simulate the experience of a real personal trainer working with you. All you need is your iPhone, no need to buy any pricey equipment. You can even do the workouts in Airplane mode, ensuring your complete privacy.

 How does it work?

The app leverages the iPhone’s camera to run a computer vision algorithm that can track your body and give you real-time encouragement, form feedback, and provide progress metrics. In effect, the app becomes your trainer with a depth of knowledge backed by proven sports science.

See it in action. 

The entire app is built to simulate the motivation of a real fitness trainer working with you. It counts every rep, and you can see yourself work towards the target. If your form is off, you get a suggestion in real-time on how to improve.

Rahul Shah, the creator of the app, said, “As an active cyclist, I’ve seen how motivating real-time metrics can be. For example, on Strava, being able to track my power, speed, distance, and elevation and work towards a goal is incredible. But when I tried working out at home, it was super boring. Watching a YouTube workout video meant that I could slack off, and it wouldn’t matter. And that’s when I decided to develop an interactive app that uses A.I.”

powermove app correct the form in real time

With Powermove, you are kept motivated by real-time audio, which is recorded by a real-life trainer and not a computer-generated voice and played dynamically based on your actions, sounding as authentic as the technology allows. Certified fitness gurus have developed fitness programs suggested for your goals and your fitness level.

Technology that protects your privacy, too.

The entire A.I. runs entirely on the phone. You can see this for yourself because you can download the workout assets (instructor video, audio, etc.) and then turn your phone on Airplane mode, and the A.I. will still count your reps and give you feedback.

The main reason behind ensuring that the A.I. ran on the phone was to enable privacy for the user. As an added benefit, it also means that once you have the workout downloaded, it will work well even if you have weak internet connectivity.

The fact that an algorithm is this accurate and fast (being able to detect your body’s position more than 25 times per second to millimeter accuracy) using only the hardware on the phone is a significant feat of engineering. Running it on the phone has been enabled by recent advancements to the iPhone Neural Processing Unit, and a proprietary algorithm built in-house by the Powermove team.

powermove app rep counting

About the Founder

Before launching the Powermove app, Rahul Shah conceptualized consumer software apps, including the popular PianoPass, a password protector, which was the #1 rated app on the app store in 10 countries, and Stash.ai, an A.I. enabled bookmarking tool.

Shah has worked with certified fitness trainers and computer vision experts to build Powermove.

Available for Select iPhones

The app is available for any iPhone or iPad that was released after 2017.

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