“The Bureau” Season 5 is Over. Mathieu Kassovitz Hopes to Return with a Season 6. So Do We.

"The Bureau" made it worthwhile subscribing to the Sundance Channel. Will it return for season 6? No confirmation from Canal +.

For those of us, dedicated viewers of “The Bureau,”, known in its native France as “Le Bureau des Légendes” a production Canal +, the final two episodes of season 5 has left many wanting a resolution, and many more complaining of being the weakest of the series, and calling for a return of the lead character Malotru (loosely translated as boor), played brilliantly by Mathieu Kassovitz.

The French actor believes in Malotru’s longevity and doesn’t believe in its end. Malotru, the character that he has played since the first episode and even though the original creator of the series has stepped away, he said in the columns of the Parisian, “I will miss the series. If I were in the writers’ room, I would do a sixth season with us (original cast), and then I would replace all the agents. This series has legs; it can run a long time.”


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“Le Bureau des Legendes,” has been called by the New York Times one of the best TV series of the decade, comparing it to “Homeland” ’s best episodes, if “Homeland” ever knew restraint.  Eric Rochant, director and the creator of the first five seasons of the “Le Bureau des Légendes,” in a gesture that left many dismayed, passed on the directorial baton to Jacques Audiard for the last two episodes of Season 5. “I wanted to finish in a non-sentimental manner and not make it about me or my relationship to the series,” Rochant said to the New York Times. “So the best was to entrust the end to someone who’d be detached from it and would want to explore new sides of the story or the characters, someone with powerful poetry” like Audiard. And ironically enough, Audiard probably shot the most sentimental episodes of the entire series, with a heavy focus on familiar and romantic attachments.

The Scope Weekly hopes to see the return in a Season of the low-key intensity of double agents’ lives as presented by “Le Bureau des Légendes,” but no confirmation has been made yet.

The Bureau is available on the Sundance Channel.

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