Boston Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Entrepreneur & Author Willie Mandrell Releases “Cash Flow Secrets”

Cash Flow Secrets will teach you wealth management principles that aren't taught at school and the real-world business experience from someone who has seen the ups and downs of real estate and investing.

Self-made multi-millionaire real estate investor, broker, coach, lecturer, and author, Willie J. Mandrell, III releases a new book, called Cash Flow Secrets. The book came about following the requests of many lecture attendants, students, and other investors, who wanted to understand how Mandrell went from growing up in the project in South Boston to becoming a multi-millionaire by age thirty. Inspired by his grandmother, who had been investing in real estate since the 1950s, he opened in 2012 his real estate brokerage, The Mandrell Company. Subsequently, The Mandrell Company was recognized in 2019 as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur360TM List.

Willie J. Mandrell, III
Willie J. Mandrell, III

What is Mandrell’s first secret? During an interview, he told Boston Agent Magazine,

I believe in finding your niche. The narrower the focus, the better.

Illustrating strategies for acquiring and growing a real estate portfolio the audience with real-life business stories, Cash Flow Secrets is both practical, highly educational, and inspiring.

The title features seven packed chapters and comes with a range of resources and lessons learned on the ground that can help newcomers as well as well-versed in the world of real estate investment earn more and start up on their journey to wealth.

Mandrell said, “Cash Flow Secrets is the first wealth management book of a three-book series. I wrote this book with the new investor in mind and wanted to demystify the path to wealth. The book is written in clear language without any technical and investment jargon. I hope that it reads like a conversation between my readers and myself. And if something isn’t clear, I’m only a call away.”

From the three-book series, the two upcoming books are Business Secrets, which Mandrell describes as “Cash Flow Secrets is the beginning. Business Secrets turns up the fire and will put your real estate portfolio on steroids!” and, “Wealth Secrets takes the journey back home. Making a lot of money means nothing if you can’t properly manage your wealth and make it generational”. The two follow-up books are scheduled for January and April 2021.

Mandrell gives five reasons why the new investor needs to read Cash Flow Secrets:

It’s to The Point! No Fluff Here

Cash Flow Secrets gets to the point—no Fluff or BS on these pages.

Written by An Active Investor

This isn’t old, outdated advice someone who invested in real estate years ago. These are tips and tricks from someone who is currently investing.

CFS Covers More Than Real Estate

The book isn’t just about how to invest in real estate but also the why YOU MUST invest and why real estate is your best investment vehicle

Easy Read & No Technical Junk

Cash Flow Secrets isn’t a textbook with a bunch of fancy, unnecessary words that make the author feel smart. This the real estate investing in it’s the simplest form.

Easy Actions You Can Take Today!

The book is filled with actions you can take right now to improve your financial situation immediately!


The book will be available for purchase on Amazon and is now ready to order at

In a recent interview, Mandrell stated, “Cash Flow Secrets has a clear purpose of helping people who are interested in investing in real estate but afraid to start up because they don’t have a business background. This book is the perfect step to embark on a journey of financial independence.”

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