Virtual Corporate Holiday Parties On Trend For 2020

Plan a pandemic-friendly party for your employees.

Pandemic fatigue is real and added to the pandemic stress are warnings from health officials to avoid gathering with friends and family for the holidays. But the usual year-end celebrations don’t have to be a total bust this year. Working remotely doesn’t mean you have to miss the biggest office event of the year.

In lieu of the fabulous company parties of open bars and casino themes, this year’s holiday events will be logged into by guests. The key to a fun virtual party is to make sure it’s interactive, according to workplace culture experts. Planning that party is easy, as some entertainment vendors have developed services to offer food, games, music, and more to the virtual crowd.

New York-based Paint and Sip LIVE is one such company, able to host virtual holiday corporate parties for upwards of 900 people. All art supplies are delivered directly to the guests, including canvas, paint, and brushes. Attendees with a creative streak will especially enjoy the instructor-led painting class. Those with limited or no art experience will have fun discovering their inner hidden artist. And Paint and Sip LIVE features a live DJ playing your favorite tracks, because it’s not quite a party without music.

CEO and co-founder Michael Wills said to The Scope Weekly, “My business partners and I looked at what was available that online that not taught people new skills or creative outlets but that would also bring back joy and energy and developed an art program that combines creativity and party.”

Other interactive holiday party activities include games, as companies can liven up the atmosphere with some friendly competition between colleagues. Competing for prizes will surely boost participation, too. Some employers are even planning holiday events starring cooking demonstrations and mailing to their employees accompanying food kits.

Gift baskets have always been a go-to present at offices and are still on deck for some companies. To complete the Paint and Sip LIVE party experience, companies could do a riff on the traditional gift basket by hiring a vendor to send wine baskets to their employees. There’s no doubt, this year more than ever, folks deserve a fun holiday party, even if it is one from their living room.

“Even though we only launched in June, our events fill up fast and we are creating theme-based parties for the Holiday season,” said Wills.

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