Introducing And Then Everything Changed™️: Podcast Highlights Voices Of Resilience

The podcast aims to feature the lives of people who have survived hardship and pain and who have made it their mission to help others find their way emotionally, financially, or spiritually.

Veteran podcast producer and published author Ronit Plank (formerly of Mouthy, Messy,Mandatory with co-host Katie Anthony) announced the official launch of an independent Award-winning podcast called And Then Everything Changed™️.  The podcast produces original shows and gives a voice to creators and organizations to share their message of hope after overcoming significant obstacles and hardship.

Its motto is: Stories Can Heal

Ronit Plank delves deep into the lives of some of the most fascinating people around to help them share their message of hope, connectivity, and inner strength against all odds. The idea for And Then Everything Changed™️ came to life following Plank’s completion of her memoir When She Comes Back (Motina Books 2021) about losing her mother to the guru featured in the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country and their eventual reconciliation, and subsequenthealing. Plank realized that stories such as hers are meant “to be shared to help others find their way back from pain. We are who we are because of what we came from but it’s never too late to decide who we want to be,” she said. And as a veteran podcaster, she went back on-air with this innovative concept.

Every week for an hour, artists, startup CEOs, executives at global companies, non-profits, academicians, politicians, and activists — share with her their stories of not-only surviving great hardship but thriving because of it.

Plank said, “Learning about other people’s lives is a way to see what you think about your own. Can you feel for others as you feel for yourself? Can you feel for yourself the way you feel for others? There’s no limit to compassion in the world. There’s room for us all.”

Britt East, speaker, and author of the new book A Gay Man’s Guide to Life, spoke to Plank in a recent episode about the legacy of intergenerational trauma and coming to terms with and fully embracing his true self. Speaking about his podcast experience, East said of Ronit that “she is emphatic, caring, and puts me at ease to go deeper than I expected to when I agreed to share on her podcast my story.”

And Then Everything Changed is launching with a clear vision of what it wants to achieve and is expanding with an editorial calendar that will feature monthly themes. Plank hope to provide a safe space that will nurture diversity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and compassion in the media space.

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