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Spring Eco-Fashion for the Earthy and Active Person

Created by an artist, discover the eco-fashion line for your active lifestyle.

Modern Eco Sweatshirt - Blue Reflection
Modern Eco Sweatshirt – Blue Reflection

Spring is about renewal. The breaking of the cold grip of winter means it’s time to pack away those heavy coats, fur-lined boots, and thick infinity scarves. Spring fashion is about opening yourself up to the warm breezes and getting out in nature while the days are long and pleasant. Shop for healthy food, engage in meaningful exercise, and dress for the joy of the season. And as always, Fine Art by Ane  is committed to bringing you wearable art that is made with organic cotton, recycled fibers, plant-based eco-fibers, and upscale fibers. There’s nothing like sustainable fashion!


Replenish Your Body

Bandeau Swimsuit Springtime in California
Bandeau Swimsuit Springtime in California


Spring calls for a departure from those staples of winter. Heavy, calorie-rich comfort food is replaced with light, healthy dishes that bring new life to each meal. Warmer weather comes with the promise of organic produce, heirloom plants, and fresh eats straight from local farms. Look out for new offerings from trusted food sources: a new menu from a local restaurant or new recipes from beloved chefs. With each bite, you’ll feel even more energized for the coming months.

Revitalize Your Activities

Hoodie Dress Wave
Hoodie Dress Wave

Waking up to the sun is your signal to get active. Sleep may have come easily in winter, but in Springtime the clear skies are enough to get you moving in the outdoors. Light, comfortable activewear made of sustainable, environmentally-friendly clothing can put you in the mood to take that hike, jump on that bike or jog up the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator. You should have confidence in the clothing you choose and know it’s of good quality.

Recover Your Senses

Studio Bag Designed by Artist - Multiple Designs
Studio Bag Designed by Artist – Multiple Designs

Blossoms on the trees are a sure sign of Spring. Take the time to inhale the scent of flowers and to look at the beauty of the blue sky. When you’re choosing what to wear on the weekend or after work, think of how the smells and sights of the season make you feel. Bring those yellows, blues, and greens into your new wardrobe for Spring.

Renew Your Routine

Hi Top Espadrilles Amerika
Hi Top Espadrilles Amerika

Spring is a great time to start a new project. Take a class or start an art project. Do one thing you’ve always wanted to do. Try composting or gardening to give back to the earth. Evening walks oxygenate your lungs and work your muscles. Treat yourself to that comfortable, wearable clothing that makes you feel good and reduces any barriers to movement.

Rediscover Your Style

Unisex Graffiti Diver Hoodie
Unisex Graffiti Diver Hoodie

With winter gone, so are those gray skies and gray shades in your wardrobe. Spring is about bold colors, attractive prints, and fashion that fits your body and your life. Activewear does not have to be about frumpy pieces that you wear as you toil away in the gym. Make a fashion statement that welcomes the season and shows you are dedicated to your own sense of style.

Spring is your time to get active, be bold, and integrate runway fashions into your daily attire. Fuel your body with energizing food, upgrade your routine, and let the colors and fabrics you choose make a statement about your love of the earth.


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