From July 9 through August 31, 2021, the International Art Museum of America (IAMA)  in San Francisco will present a major exhibition of works by the celebrated expressionist artist and painter Ane Howard, born in Montreal, Canada, and residing in Southern California. The first museum exhibition in the U.S. of Howard’s abstract expressionist mixed media and paintings on canvas, Ane Howard: California, A Love Affair.


The reception will be held on 7/9/2021, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, at IAMA, 1023 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103 in the Tendergold GalleryThe public and the press are invited.

More than ten oil and mixed media paintings form the centerpiece of the exhibition. Begun in 2019, Ane Howard describes these works as “the expression of ideas and emotions that started forming in my mind in 2000 when I first landed in San Francisco and what California has grown to mean to me. I would describe my work as expressionist art, highly emotive and intuitive. Having worked in various art forms in the past, as a painter, I truly focus on the direct relations I have from my deeper self to paint-to-canvas.” Merging her love of abstract and figurative expressionism with the artist’s decades of artistic exploration in different forms such as dance, theater, film, and writing, the works presented are Howard’s major independent work of the past two years.

Ane Howard, Weeping Gaia, 2020. Photo: Peter Lyons.

“IAMA is proud to welcome California artist Ane Howard as our upcoming Tendergold Exhibition Artist. We were fascinated by her vibrant and abstract work, as well as its translation into fashion. This beautiful work and her diverse artistic career made her the perfect fit for our Gallery and community. Her show ‘California, A Love Affair’ will be on view until August 30,” said Katrina Gomez, IAMA’s Program and Events Coordinator/ Art Curator.

Oil painting, The Secret Life of Plants, 2021. Photo: Ane Howard.

Howard pushes the boundaries of paintings in terms of their poetic potential, in tandem with her investigations of the power of colors, forms, and feminine principles. Her practice in spiritual and intellectual explorations has led to successive artistic endeavors. Still, paintings seem to be the medium in which her emotive brushstrokes can be stretched to the limit of what they can do and express.

Oil painting, Abstract Sailing, 2021. Photo: Ane Howard. In the collection of Darrah LeMontre.

An avid collector of Howard’s work Darrah LeMontre, said,

Abstract Sailing is organized madness. It’s the essence of love on canvas. It’s loneliness in the midst of a raging ocean in oil. Reminiscent of Lee Krasner’s work.

Ane Howard and her dog Bobbie, Driving by Ocean Beach, 2020. Photo: Peter Lyons.


Organized by the International Art Museum of America and curated by Katrina Gomez, the exhibition will display more than ten significant works completed by Howard over the last two years, arranged thematically in the Tendergold ground gallery at IAMA. Howard’s impressively vibrant paintings will immerse visitors in exuberant, saturated colors and raw emotions.


Ane Howard, a self-taught artist, demonstrates an impressive range from figurative to seascape and abstract,” said Gomez. “Ultimately, her work explores what it means for one artist to fully connect to her environment and expresses what others in the culture cannot.

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SOURCE International Art Museum of America

By Anne Howard - Editor

Anne Howard is the editor-in-chief of The Scope Weekly.

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