The Bachelorette’s Battle of the Giant Teddy Bears

The craziest episode so far involves a giant teddy family, a snake, and a lot of tears.
The Bachelorette / ABC photo credit
The Bachelorette / ABC photo credit

Los Angeles – Last episode of the Bachelorette was the wackiest in an already wacky, dramatic, and tearful season. Michelle Young’s, a truly next-door girl beauty, if the next door girl has flawless mocha skin, and a 5 feet 9 slender, athletic frame, honey eyes, and a smile to melt the most cynical of us, had a meltdown over being ignored by plush toys! The Giant Teddy Battle of the Dudes was the breaking point for Michelle, who was usurped by the fluff toys and brought her close to tears, with her stating, “I feel invisible. I am not seen.” Poor girl! “I’m upset,” she cried. “Now the boys are going to be competing against each other rather than making small moments with me on the group date.”

Battle of the Dudes with the Giant Teddy. CREDIT: ABC

Finally, she took comfort in the arms of DeeDee, a lavender teddy, and in the arms of a few dudes who seem to “get” her, or claimed to.

The final six roses were given to Brandon, Leroy, Joe, Rodney, Clayton, Casey, Nayte, and Chris S.(Aka The Snake) join Martin, Olu, and Rick in the Circle of Safety™. And if you’re interested in dating a Giant Teddy, you may be a smart one.


Feature image The Bachelorette / ABC photo credit.

Bears  Giant Teddy/ Giant Teddy photo credit

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