Ashured Brings a Unifying Network of Fraternal Affection Back to Politics

The network empowers the collective with a decisive voice and removes the noise and acrimony found on social media around political issues.

 Ashured, a genuinely revolutionary network for ethical civil discourse, has launched to provide direct access to legislators through citizen-created initiatives, legislator-created polls, and citizen oversight on bills, all without the scathing tone of today’s social media platforms. In a country where 8 of 10 people polled 12/21 by Public Agenda and the USA, TODAY say they believe the country is “mainly” or “totally” divided and fear the trend will continue to grow. Ashured is a beacon of hope. One factor cited for this apprehension is that the country lacks the tools & leadership to deal with existing and growing divisions. Viewed in this context, what Ashured offers is not only timely, but a necessity for democracy to survive. 

Christopher Babayans, CEO of

 Chris Babayans, Author, CEO, and Founder of Ashured, said, “Ashured ethically empowers everyone in the United States with a network that offers the tools We the People need to impact and influence our legislators in this digital age. ” 

Unlike social media platforms that contribute to partisan animosity and national divisiveness, Ashured brings harmony.

George Washington said during his farewell address, “They (political parties) tend to render alien to each other those who ought to be bound together by fraternal affection. “

Ashured aims to bring fraternal affection back to warring parties through a platform developed for unified political discourse, free of political affiliations or bias. Interactions among users are optimized for delivering political input to our legislators; no free form comments are allowed, ensuring the tone remains cordial and focused on the tasks at hand: empowering we, the people. Since constituents voice their yay or nay on bills privately, there is no public tally applying social pressure. Imagine that!

Babayans said, “Politics are one of the outermost layers of fabric that create our society, and with Ashured, you can help shape one of the fabrics that society depends on.”

How does it Work?

Citizens create initiatives through which other citizens voice their opinion. It’s initially only shared with constituents and legislators in their congressional district. Still, it can go to the national level if 50%+1 of the lower jurisdictions agree on one option. Legislators of the citizens who can see the initiatives can see the counts too, which will create cross-aisle cooperation under the will of We the People.

 Citizens can also see the sponsored or cosponsored legislative bills of their legislators. We can yay or nay the bills, and our legislators are the only ones who can see the tallies, which removes public pressure and applies the will of We the People to our legislators. These bills are retrieved directly from the federal government every day at 12:01 AM (PST) through the API. 

 Our legislators make polls which they can receive immediate feedback on for everything from breaking matters & news to whether or not we want to see them run in the next election. 

Finally, there are no public profiles on Ashured. Everyone will see the same thing when logged in if they are in the same congressional district. This abstraction of individuality into the collective will present the will of We the People to our legislators in the best manner for them to understand what we want. All of this comes together in a clean user interface, without ads, funded by merchandise sales and donations, for now.


Ashured is ready and accessible for users to sign up and exercise their political power today. You will need to use an address in the United States of America to register, and there will be verification to complete later. 

About Christopher Babayans


Ashured was designed and implemented from scratch by Christopher Babayans to respond to the lack of government aid in the pandemic. Chris Babayans is a graduate from California State University, Northridge, with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Technology and a career programmer. Chris is committed to putting his skills to use to empower people.

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