Top 5 Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs Below $50

We recently wrote an article covering some of the top tech ideas for entrepreneurs during the holiday season. But after the dust settled, we felt that more could be suggested. Because we know how important it is for entrepreneurs to use the best items, we realized it couldn’t be limited to the tech world. Below are the top gift ideas for entrepreneurs that are both classic and contemporary. Long life to the startup style!

Entrepreneur Gift #1: Whiteboard

We don’t know any aspiring businessman that wouldn’t be grateful to receive a dry erase whiteboard as a gift. They’re super helpful because of its multi-purpose abilities that entrepreneurs can use to their advantage. You can get a board that has a calendar to keep track of your work days or just opt out for the plain blank template. No one can deny the usefulness of writing things down, especially at the moment. So having a whiteboard in your proximity is perfect for jotting down million dollar ideas that would be forgotten otherwise. The price of whiteboards vary based on size and functionality but typically range from $15-50.

Entrepreneur Gift #2: USB-Powered Tiny Fridge

You read that right, and it’s okay to get excited; we are too. Remember all of the times that your favorite drink would be left out and soil while you zoned in on the tasks at hand? Next thing you know, your break time beverage would have the same thirst-quenching abilities as a shot of battery acid. Luckily those days are over with this tiny fridge from Innovatoys. Designed to fit one can of soda and keep it cold at a chilled 45 degrees, the device plugs conveniently into your desktop, laptop or other USB outlets. The vendor has an array of colors to choose from, and it’s reasonably priced at $25.

Entrepreneur Gift #3: Wrap-A-Nap

This little piece of brilliance capitalizes on the already established sleep mask. However, it’s thick and fuzzy while allowing sleepers to adjust to their ideal comfort position. Moreover, it Lou & Greywraps around your entire head, so it even covers your ears. By eliminating light and sound pollution, Wrap-A-Nap enables a longer and more sound sleep. Priced at a modest $25, entrepreneurs can sleep comfortably knowing their preserving money and precious creative energy.

Entrepreneur Gift #4: Phone Charging Wallet/Purse

donna sharp phone purse “Techsessories” haven’t always been the most stylish but times are changing and becoming more useful than ever. Bags and wallets are available that allow the busy entrepreneur to plug in their smart device or smartphone while on the go. There’s a number of vendors that offer these products and range in design and price. Donna Sharp offers purses and female wallets for $25 and up while Nomad charging wallets for men start at about $50.

Entrepreneur Gift #5: Moleskin Evernote

Entrepreneurs from the past and present all appreciate a good notebook and Moleskin is a historically classic provider. They’ve recently teamed up with Evernote technologies to blend the old school with the new age entrepreneur. On the outside, it doesn’t look like anything special, but this is why you should never judge a book by its cover! It uses a built-in camera that allows users to take pictures of their pages. They can then save, store and search for their written notes by keywords or tags. It’s priced at $25.

What did you guys think about these items and which ones would benefit you the most? We wanted to show products that kept prices reasonable but never lack on the value it could provide for the beginning and seasoned entrepreneur alike.


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