Farmers to Earn Revenue from Helping to Stabilize Climate

The Environmental Defense Fund explains and responds to the passage of the Greenhouse Gas Technical Assistance Provider and Third-Party Verifier Program with strong wording.

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“U.S. farmers can be part of the climate solution by lowering emissions from farming and increasing carbon storage. This legislation paves the way for producers to generate additional revenue from providing these climate benefits while also building resilience to droughts, variable rainfall, and other climate impacts that are already making a challenging profession even harder.

“This new U.S. Department of Agriculture program will increase the number of technical assistance providers who can help more farmers gain the knowledge they need to adopt farming practices that can qualify for credits on voluntary carbon markets. During this decisive decade for climate action, and with farm margins tighter than ever, this is a significant win-win for the climate and producers’ bottom lines.

“Congress also passed the Acceptance and Use of Private Funds For Public-Private Partnerships — formerly called the SUSTAINS Act — a law that will complement the Biden administration’s considerable investments in climate-smart agriculture by bringing the private sector to the table to help fund USDA conservation programs.

“USDA conservation programs and voluntary carbon markets need to ensure equitable access for Black farmers and others who have historically been excluded from these opportunities. Carbon credits must also be based on robust science about net greenhouse gas and environmental impacts. EDF is pleased to see that scientific bodies like the National Institute of Standards and Technology will be included in the advisory council so that USDA can draw on and promote the best available science for high-quality credits.

“Those efforts and today’s legislative victories are building a strong foundation for creating economic opportunity through agricultural climate solutions. ”EDF statement from Elizabeth Gore, senior vice president, Political Affairs.

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